Friday, May 5, 2023

Females in Entertainment: Meet Young Actor/Dancer Jolie Cook of the New Children's Series "PAlette"

By Suzanne Ordas Curry

It's always a joy to interview a young girl who has a goal in mind and is already working towards achieving it. Jolie Cook is a young actress and dancer from Pennsylvania who is now starring in a new educational children's show called PAlette, produced by Scranton Films. I was happy to be able to interview this very talented young woman.

So Jolie, tell me about yourself. 
Jolie Cook: I am an actress, singer and competitive dancer. I started dance - tap, jazz and ballet when I was 4 and started competition dance when I was about 8. I started acting and singing on stage when I was 6 with my first show as an orphan in Annie Jr. I’ve done many theatrical shows regionally about two to three productions a year since. I started doing film work in 2020. 

Why did you want to do PAlette? 

Jolie Cook: It sounded like a lot of fun! I was looking to get into film work and Scranton Films (the producer of PAlette) gave me this opportunity. It was a great creative outlet during the pandemic when a lot of other things were closed down. 

Do you enjoy art? 

Jolie Cook: Yes. I love art. I love to draw and paint in my free time. I also like to crochet & make jewelry. I also learned this year in having a wood shop class that I like to build things. 

Do you think that kids your age would want to learn about arti and nature from watching a show? 

Watch a Sneak Peak of PAlette Here or 

Jolie Cook: Yes. This show is a lot of fun to watch and the kids might see something on the show that the wouldn’t see otherwise as we move around a lot in the show to different locations and have alot of fun set designs. Plus you get to be introduced to new artists and see what kind of art they are making. 

Is this more fun than learning it at school? 

Jolie Cook: It’s always fun to learn at school but it is a lot of fun to also learn along with the show as it includes music and is also animated. 

I know that there always aren't a lot of art offerings in some schools. Do you have art in your school? 

Jolie Cook: We only have an art class for 30 days out of the year. Our school rotates our different electives every 30 days. And right now though we have an art class, we don’t have a teacher. We’ve had a lot of substitutes. 

What are your favorite subjects? 

Jolie Cook: English, Math & Gym 

What tv shows do you like? 

Jolie Cook: I watch several Netflix series...Outerbanks, Stranger Things & Wednesday are the three I am watching right now. 

Do you use social media? 

Jolie Cook: Yes…Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat mostly If so, who do you follow? My friends, the actors from my favorite TV shows and other musicians and artists. 

Also, do you think social media is a good thing? 

Jolie Cook: Sometimes. It’s nice for people to be able to express themselves and what they like doing. It’s not good when it’s used for bad things. We don’t need any of the bad stuff. 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Jolie Cook: A performer 

Do you have any other shows/plays you will be in soon? 

Jolie Cook: I will be working on a student film with NYU to be filmed in the Poconos in  2023   I will be singing in ‘Luzerne County’s Got Talent’ also at The FM Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre and I have several upcoming regional and national dance competitions over the next few months.