Friday, May 26, 2023

Feel-Good Interview Series: Get to know Actor James O'Halloran of Hallmark's When Love Springs - 7 Things to Know about Him

By Markos Papadatos #Powerjournalist
James O’Halloran is an Australian actor and model. He has starred in such television series as Never Tear Us Apart – The INXS StoryOffspring, and Twenty Something. He moved to the United States in 2014. That same year, O’Halloran became a series regular on The Price is Right on CBS with host Drew Carey, where he was the second-ever male model on the show (after Robert Scott Wilson). 
His other TV roles followed including The Young and RestlessThe Bold and BeautifulJane the VirginCriminal MindsThe Mindy ProjectSuper StoreSingle Parents, and AP Bio, among others. In 2019, O'Halloran he was the most watched Aussie on American TV. He is the star of the new Hallmark movie When Love Springs opposite Rhiannon Fish.
Favorite Movie
He revealed that his favorite movie is Triangle of Sadness. “I watched Triangle of Sadness recently, and that was crazy good,” he said. 
Favorite TV Series 
Succession is great,” he said about his favorite series to binge-watch. “I also like ‘Party Down’ and ‘Severance’ with Adam Scott.” 
James O'Halloran stars in Hallmark's When Love Springs

Favorite Cheat Meal 
His favorite cheat meal includes chocolate Easter eggs, as well as a hamburger, fries, and a beer. “That would be it for me,” he admitted. 
Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play
“I like watching MMA even though I often miss it and I like to watch the Australian Football League, even though I miss that too because of the time difference,” he said. 
“I used to really like volleyball to play,” he said. “That sport is awesome and so much fun, especially at the beach… then, I would go for a surf after.” 
Dream Acting Partners 
O’Halloran listed Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro as his dream acting partners. 
Superpower of Choice 
“I think I would want to fly,” he said. “I want to do the flying; I would love to participate in that journey. I would shoot over to Australia right away in ultrasonic speed. I would enjoy the flying,” he said with a sweet laugh. 
Favorite Mottos to Live By 
On his favorite mottos to live by, he said, “Be with your feelings.” “That’s my No. 1 motto right now,” he admitted.
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