Friday, February 3, 2023

Feel - Good Interview Series: Actor James Tupper of the New Great American Family Film Fall Into Winter, Big Little Lies, Revenge, Mercy and More: Six Things to Know About Him

by Markos Papadatos, Power Journalist

Canadian actor James Tupper chatted about his new film Fall Into Winter for Great American Family, which premiered January 2023 and is now showing on GAC. James is no stranger to TV and TV movies. He has a long history of roles of dozens of hit TV shows such as Big Little Lies, A Million Little Things, Revenge, Mercy, Men in Trees and many more. 

About Fall Into Winter

In Fall Into Winter, life changes fast for Kerry as she has to work alongside to her high school nemesis, Brooks (played by Lori Loughlin), an old friend of her brother’s who unexpectedly buys into her family-owned candy store. "I think it's a sweet movie, and I hope that people that watch it believe in love again. It's a movie about opening up and believing again," he said.

What James Tupper Watches

He revealed that his favorite movies are Love ActuallyEverything Everywhere All at Once, and "anything with James Bond in it." "I also love It's a Wonderful Life," he said.

His favorite series to binge-watch include Peaky Blinders and Yellowstone. "I like all guy series, all the series that are made for men," he said with a sweet laugh.

His Favorite Cheat Food

Tupper noted that his favorite cheat meal is "macaroni and cheese." "New York pizza is good too," he said.

Favorite Motto

His favorite motto to live by is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," which is simply known as the "Golden Rule."

About the Future

On his dream acting partners, he shared, "I would love to work with Al Pacino, and Robet De Niro."

For Tupper, his definition of success means "having a loving relationship with being happy and healthy kids."

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