Friday, February 3, 2023

Feel - Good Interview Series: Actor Andrew Biernat of TV Movies Christmas in Pine Valley and Upcoming Love Marks the Spot: Six Things To Know About Him:

By Markos Papadatos, "Power Journalist"

Actor and model Andrew Biernat is making movies! He has two movies upcoming, Love Marks the Spot and Wait With Me. In 2022 he starred in the new Great American Family holiday movie Christmas in Pine Valley.
He also played the role of Mitch in the thriller Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman. An interesting fact, this multi-talented actor did the voice of Peter Parker in a short film about Spider-man.

What Andrew Biernat Watches

His favorite movies include Beverly Hills Ninja, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. "I grew up watching Chris Farley movies on repeat, honestly these three are my all-time favorites," he said.
Biernat's favorite series to binge-watch include Game of Thrones and The Last of Us. "My wife and I love Game of Thrones of course, and right now, we are watching The Last of Us, and we are loving that. I love shows that leave you on cliffhangers but I also hate it because you have to wait a whole week," he said with a laugh.
How He Unwinds - Pets and the Outdoors

In an effort to unwind and relax, Biernat enjoys spending time with his animas, which include his two dogs and a cat. "I enjoy being home with them and walking them at the park near our place. My wife and I like to go on hikes, we like being outside, and living in Los Angeles, we both like to be outdoors. It is starting to get nice again over here," he said.

Cheat Meal?
His favorite cheat meal is Eggs Benedict. "I just love it, it's probably something I shouldn't eat every day, but I probably would if I could," he said. 

And More on Andrew Biernat...
Biernat's dream acting partner would be to work on something with comedy king "Adam Sandler."
His favorite motto to live by is "to be kind to people."
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