Thursday, May 12, 2022

Movie Review: James Maslow Scores Big as a Video Game Influencer in We Need To Talk: Also Stars Christel Khalil and Johnathan Fernandez with Cameos by Big Time Rush Kendall Schmidt, Youtubers

By: Markos Papadatos

James Maslow, who is known for his acting work in the Nickelodeon series "Big Time Rush," and the band of the same name, is starring as a video game influencer, "Great Scott," in the new film "We Need To Talk." 

This chaotic romantic comedy was eloquently written and directed by Todd Wolfe, and it will certainly keep fans and viewers on their feet guessing the entire time. It will premiere on digital platforms starting Friday, May 13 via Global Digital Releasing.

 Maslow portrays Scott, who is an egocentric video game influencer who interacts with millions of fans and followers every day. 
The only downside is that he simply cannot communicate with the people that he loves, which includes Aly (Emmy winner Christel Khalil) his girlfriend of 10 years. Scott is unaware that he is the problem until one morning, Ali tells him "we to talk" on her way out to work. That comment leaves him puzzled and questioning himself about the choices he has recently made.

Aly's comment sends Scott spiraling into a day-long tailspin as he seeks wisdom, advice, and emotional support from his social media network of friends, Internet trolls, and a myriad of online characters from around the globe. 

Aside from Maslow and Khalil, the cast includes such actors as Emily Bett  Rickards of "Arrow," Johnathan Hernandez of HBO Max's "Gossip Girl," and Tray Chaney of "The Wire." It also includes cameos from various other video gamers and social media influencers. It features a cameo from Maslow's Big Time Rush co-star and bandmate Kendall Schmidt.

In "We Need to Talk," Johnathan Fernandez's character Joe is the voice of reason for Scott, while Christel Khalil is a revelation as Ali. Maslow is impressive as Scott and he portrays him in an aloof and badass manner, and he showcases many sides of him (including the self-centered and caring side). 
In addition, the music in this film is upbeat, catchy, and memorable.

It will resonate well with fans of Big Time Rush and pop music. They are touring this summer as part of their "Forever" Tour, and on June 30th, they will be headlining Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The trailer for the movie "We Need to Talk" may be seen below:

The Verdict

Overall, "We Need to Talk," starring James Maslow is worth checking out and it will sustain the audience's attention for its entire duration; moreover, it garners 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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