Thursday, November 18, 2021

Interview: Kara Mayer Robinson Chats with Patrick Duffy of Dallas, Step by Step and Now On The Verge: Hear about his Dallas Days, the Friends He Made Along the Way and so much more.

Were you a Dallas Fan? Most people remember Patrick Duffy from his role on this iconic show (Who shot J.R?) but what is he doing now? In this exclusive interview Kara Mayer Robinson on her Really Famous Podcast takes a deep dive into the live of Patrick Duffy. View Full Interview here:

In this interview, find out why he left Dallas, why Suzanne Somers was pushed out and how Patrick's insecurities sometimes get the best of him in this intimate and revealing talk. You'll hear how Patrick Duffy just fell head-over-heels for actress Linda Purl, about his insecurities as an actor. You'll also find out why Patrick thinks it was a fool’s move to leave Dallas and let his character, Bobby Ewing, die. And you'll hear about who he considered Larry Hagman among his best friends, and why he still he'll always stay in touch with Linda Gray and Suzanne Somers.  You can view the video here: