Saturday, November 6, 2021

Interview with Philly Actor/Producer Lloyd Booker - He Talks Roles, his Inspiring friends and about Joshua Coates' New Film Ageless Love - A Poignant Story about his Friend Yale

Tell us about yourself. You do so many things, acting, producing and being a comedian - one of my favorite professions. Tell me about how you got started in the exciting and busy world of  entertainment.

LLoyd Booker: I’m an educator by trade. I worked in the Philadelphia School System, (Liam Neeson was a former teacher also!) I was also a counselor at the Mathematics Civics Sciences Charter School.

This is how and when I got started in film. One of my students  -  a young man Ahmir Covington - well his mother Adrianne Covington worked worked with Mike Lemon  when M. Night Shyamalan was making “UNBREAKABLE” with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Robin Wright Penn.

There’s a whole funny story about that and  my conversations with M. Night, his staff , etc. because I was the 2nd choice after the 1st guy messed up!! I became Sam’s double/stand-in! I also worked  with him and Ben Affleck on “ CHANGING LANES” and him & John Travolta on “BASIC and  worked with Travolta & Joaquin Phoenix on “LADDER 49”.

Suzee: What are some other things you have done?

I performed n front of 24,000 fans at the Wells Fargo CTR for the ANGELO CATALDI/ WING BOW, the B & B Pavillion and other places. Watch me here:

Lloyd Booker with Neicy Nash

Suzee: Who inspired you to do what you do as a younger man, or who inspires you now?

Lloyd Booker: The Great Spirit that inhabits all of us!! the above people including certain family members & friends , Brian Anthony Wilson Family Friend (Det. Vernon Holley “THE WIRE”) by the way I know Chris Mann also from THE WIRE- your former interviewee!!

I have worked with Hall of Fame rapper Kurtis Blow, James Brown an other. I was a double/stand in for Bernie Mac. I have had roles on Supreme Justice with Judge Karen, The Wire, Forensic Files, 30 Rock, Law and Order, The Sopranos, Sex and the City and more. 

Suzee; Let's Talk Ageless Love, which just screened for the Golden Gloves in Los Angeles and played at Cannes! Congrats!! I met you at a special screening of the new film "Ageless Love" at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival in New Jersey. This film is already getting critical acclaim. I just loved it.  It's a sweet, poignant tale that reflects a slice of time in America. Tell me about this story.

Lloyd Booker: It’s a story about my friend Yale Schwartz who goes against the social norms & marries a much older widowed woman  with five  children!! Yale and I were really good friends & once he found out that he was stricken with the same type of disease pancreatic cancer that struck his wife Nina years prior, (he had a script) so we we had a meeting at his houses house & he asked me for my help! 

We decided on my friend Joshua Coates to direct it  after long, arduous and emotional conversations that also included his daughter Mona!! Those talks included talks about former mayoral candidate Sam Katz & his Emmy winning series that I helped Yale appear n called the  “HISTORY OF PHILADELPHIA”. I  had known for sometime that Yale had been working on this! 

We both had worked with Joshua before on ‘HOLLYWOULD’ (with Eric Roberts, wherein I was also a supporting character/producer) and then I facilitated the start of the “AGELESS LOVE” process!! (Hear more at link below.)


Suzee: What are your future goals? What are some new projects you are working on? 

Lloyd Booker: Aside from everything happening with ‘AGELESS LOVE’, I’m involved with a very controversial short entitled House Of Brotherly Love (H.O.B.L.)  with Maxwell Kane and Anonymous content. Storyline: An overprotective brother from a Patriarchal run, wealthy, influential, BUT VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL, Black Family -  makes a disturbing discovery about his sister's new love interest...

I am also working on a couple area comedic pilots, continue doing radio, a music concert, working w/ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAMER “UNCLE JOHN” ELLISON “SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL” FAME!! and a few commercials (Burger Stop Bucks County Seafood Marketplace and more). 

Do you have any mantra or inspirational quote that you live by?

Treat others as you would want to b treated!

Suzee: Do you have any words of wisdom for any young man (or woman) who wants to accomplish what you have?

Lloyd Booker:
To thine own self be true!! Don’t sell yourself short or compromise your moral center. Surround  yourself with a true great support group Truly apply yourself. Don't suffer distractions! Know why you are doing this, don’t do it JUST to become rich & famous! 

Suzee: Who inspired you to do what you do as a younger man, or who inspires you now?

Lloyd Booker: The Great Spirit that inhabits all of us!! (I am inspired by friends/people I have met) including Philly Guy Kevin Hart, Eddie Griffin, Nelly, Neicy Nash, Mark Curry, Lee Van Dusen (JACK ASS), Bernie Mac, Brian Anthony Wilson Family Friend (Det. Vernon Holley “THE WIRE”). By the way I know Chris Mann also from THE WIRE  - your  former interviewee!!

Lloyd Booker with Mark Curry

Name your top five moves of all time.


Five shows you have been binging on?


What is your idea of a perfect day?

After waking doing prayers, sharing my day with some friends and family and doing something athletic, musical, discussing relevant topics!! Over a great meal!!

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