Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Interview: Kara Mayer Robinson Talks with Mayim Bialik of Blossom, Jeopardy, Call me Kat and the Big Bang Theory - Hear About How Therapy Helped Her become Who She is and More as She Opens Up about her Past

There are not many people that do not know who Mayim Bialik is. If they didn't know her from Blossom years ago, or The Big Bang Theory or Call Me Kat, they surely know her from hosting Jeopardy. Mayim is a household name for sure. But how did she get there? In this interview by Kara Mayer Robinson on her Really Famous Podcast, Mayim opens up opens up about her mental health struggles, childhood, divorce and more. View full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsI0DNNgDpg&t=9s

In this interview, you'll hear about how:

  •  - Mayim has struggled with mental health issues her entire life. 

  •  - She relies heavily on a therapist. 

  •  - Contrary to what many people think, she’s pro-Covid vaccination. 

  •  - Mayim always thought she’d have a perfect marriage, but things 

  •     didn’t turn out that way. 

  •  - Filming The Big Bang Theory took a permanent toll on her appearance. 

To Listen to the Podcast Interview click here:

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                   Or Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsI0DNNgDpg&t=9s

About Kara:

Kara Mayer Robinson is the host and producer of the TV and film talk show Really Famouswhere she interviews A-listers like Spike Lee, Tony Goldwyn, Mayim Bialik, Dennis Quaid, Talia Shire, Mike Rowe and Eric Braeden. Kara is an esteemed journalist (The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Emmy, Travel + Leisure, etc.) and Columbia University-trained psychotherapist. Her interviews are like no other: intimate, surprising, fun, authentic and revealing — like having coffee with best friends or eavesdropping on a therapy session.

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