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The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival Goes Virtual Feb. 27th - March 3rd 2021: Over 85 Films from the US and Around the World Including Free Presentations of Interest to Filmmakers and Film Fans Alike

This year the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival (NJ) celebrates its 10th anniversary. In keeping with the tradition of showcasing a broad array of quality films from local and international fillmmakers, the show will go on but virtually. Though nothing can replace the hustle and bustle of the RGIFF Red Carpet and parties in beautiful downtown Ridgewood, holding the festival virtually means that now anyone can view it from the comfort of their own home on their own device.

DATE CHANGE: From  February 27th - March 3rd the festival will be available online. This year, the festival boasts over 80 films, ranging from shorts to documentaries, animation, music and two narrative features. More information and tickets, which are reasonably-priced can be found at   Please be patient and continue to check this website as it will be updated with new information as the festival grows closer. You will be able to purchase films in "buckets" or groups, and view them on demand within a window on many of your devices.

Academy Award-nominated Eric Roberts visited the festival last year for his starring role in
Joshua Coates' new film.

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Free Special Presentations

For those wanting a glimpse into the film world, there are several free special presentations (Specials) that can be viewed for free. Scheduled thus far include Q & A with some of the filmmakers, a Master Class in Film Marketing,  a networking session, and an interview with a local famous actor. Check the website on how you can watch or participate in these. 

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The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival is proud to present the following films from the US and around the world.

A Case of Blue (Narrative Feature) — Dana H. Glazer 
A dilemma (Short) — Sam Iam
ALINA - 2020 (Short) — Nora Mariana
AMERICAN MARRIAGE (Short) — Giorgio Fontana
AYEO (Animation) — Jacob Updyke
Age of Bryce (Short) — David Feagan, Brian Elliot
Amend (Short) — John Patrick Hayden
Appetite (Short) — Maddy Freeman
As Simple as Hello (Short) — Karson Kennedy
Because I Love Him (Short) — Maddy Freeman
Big Yellow Taxi (Music Video) — Matt Mahurin
Blackhole. (Short) — Holly Pilcavage
Blue Iris (Short) — Samiksha Thakur
Brass Ring (Short) — Zachary Ross
Bru'dhars (Short) — Sriram Papolu
Buy Doll's House (Short) — Maxim Kulkov
COUP! (Web/New Media) — Matthew Klaus Esolda, Brian Goodheart
Chains (Short) — SENG 2Kx
Chosen (Documentary) — Karlee King
Defenseless (Short) — Javier Augusto Nunez
Dignity (Short) — Pat Battistini
Dining Room (Short) — Heidi Scott
Down (Short) — John Chiodi
EDEN (Short) — Brent Costantino, Anthony Mernacaj
ELUDE (Short) — Alejandro Santora
Egg on Your Face (Short) — Josh Parkhill
Empty Windows (Short) —  Andrew Rosenstein, Joseph Rosenstein
Everybody Said (Music Video) — Brian Ostering, Amanda Duncan
FAULT (Short) — Ian Havens
garage (Short) — Michael P. Jahoda

Goodnight Death (Short) — Elsa Levytksy
Hackers: The Misfit Superheroes (Documentary) — Ethan Wilk
Heat Wave (Short) — Melanie Coffey, Ryan DiBiase
Helping (Animation) — Emely Cintron
How Long (Music Video) — Matt Mahurin
In Sync (Short) — Eddie Shieh
Instinct (Animation) — Yinuo Wei
It's Called Revenge (Short) — Michelle Burger
I’m Alright (Music Video) — Andy If
KADDISH (Short) — Razid Season
Like Father (Short) — Jonathan Chekroune
Love Songs Showscape from GORKY’S DREAM GARDEN (Feature) — Michelle Ekizian
MY TAGALONG (Animation) — Jerry Wang
Merrick Carlyle Has a Problem (Short) — Hailey Jackson
Missing Pieces (Short) — Jina Moran
Ms. Rossi (Short) —  Pat Battistini
Narc (Short) — Jackson Coates
New Year's Day (Short) — Noelle White, Rea Silver Chisholm
Oddly Popular (Web/New Media) — Fred Gallo
Paath (The Lesson) (Short) — Karan Singh Rathore
Q: ghostly remote effect (Short) — Marcus Hanisch
Runaway (Short) — Michelle Tang
SKUBER (Short) — Cat London
Scarlet Circle (Short) — Ryan Cervasio
Seeing You Again (Short) — Brandon Siavichay
Shifting Gears (Animation) — Leeann Cintron
Shyft (Short) — Jennifer Plotzke
Sing To Me (Short) — Luz Cabrales
Something to Celebrate (Short) —  Ellie Schuckman
Soul Bones (Short) — Andrew Huggins
Survivor Stories (Documentary) — Ivan Verlaan, Julina DeZorzi
Sycamore (Short) — Mehmet Tığl
THE FIRST SNOWFALL (Short) — Yanghuixiao Gao
Tavola (Short) — Nikolas Grasso
Thank You Kindly (Short) —  Noah Weisberg
Thaw (Short) — Sigge Widmark
The Blue Marble (Web/New Media) — Ralph Toporoff
The Boy At Platform 3 (Short) — Michael Daniel Vetter
"The Circle" Episodes 1-5 (Web/New Media) — Carlton Thompson
The Della Morte Sisters (Short) — Bill Sorvino
The Dispensable (Short) — Robert J Morgalo
The Interrogation (Short) — Bob Klein
The Perfect Cup (Short) — Joey Scelza
The Quiet Pain (Short) — Timothy Amatulli
The Six (Short) — Trent Dawson
The Start of a New Day (Documentary) — Emma Russo
The Waiting Room (Short) — Mike West
The Woods (Short) — Spencer Muhlstock, Benjamin Calder
The astronaut's journal (Animation) — Marina Belikova
Tongue Tied (Short) — Noelle White, David Mansour
UNCAGED (Documentary) — Dylan Skinner, Harrison Bahrenburg
Unsafe (Short) —  Tori Kotsen, Ilya Zorin
Voice (Documentary) — Maggie Ding
What Did You Do Today? (Short) — Britney Bautista
When it's Dark Enough, You Can See Stars (Short) — Reilly Widmayer

Awards Party from Live Festival

Some Highlights

The festival lineup includes two feature length films: Dana H. Glazer’s romantic drama A Case of Blue, starring Stephen Schnetzer and Annapurna Sriram, and Michelle Ekizian’s Love Songs Showscape from Gorky’s Dream Garden, a genre-bending hybrid opera. Some other notable entries include: Trent Dawson’s The Six, a crumbling romance shot entirely in an NYC subway; Elsa Levytksy’s Goodnight Death starring Callum Blue of The Tudors, where the Grim Reaper follows a young girl out to stop a serial killer; Dylan Skinner’s documentary about the fashion industry’s effect on body image UNCAGED; Spencer Muhlstock’s beautifully filmed and chillingly presented The Woods; Luz Cabrales’ Sing To Me, which explores the relationship between friendship, grief, and love.

Other films of note include: Nora Mariana’s heart-poundingly intense story of an escape attempt from a Warsaw Ghetto in Alina; Lioness Studios’ Merrick Carlyle Has a Problem, which pits a teenage sociopath against the power of young love; Emergency Contact’s witty and socially relevant web series Coup!; Eddie Shieh’s In Sync, which hilariously asks what to do when both husband and wife bring home a new partner at the same time; Pat Battistini’s Ms. Rossi, a clever and whimsical foreign language short; Bob Klein’s comical depiction of justice in the MeToo era in The Interrogation, Ethan Wilk’s deep dive into the world of professional hacking in the documentary, Hackers: The Misfit Superheroes and many more, many of which are premieres.  

Scene from #RGIFF Narrative Feature A Case of Blue starring
Stephen Schnetzer and Annapurna Sriram

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