Sunday, December 8, 2019

Are You Tired of Christmas Movies Yet? Here's a Guide on What Is Yet to Come in 2019

By Suzanne Ordas Curry

Well, I thought I was tired of them.

I started watching them pretty much right when they started, way back before Halloween. That's a steady diet of holiday movies - dating back to when there is pretty much no holiday spirit in the air yet - for well over 6 weeks already.  For my tastes that means countless Crowns for Christmas, innumerable Hallmark and Lifetime weekend premieres, several versions of Home Alone, always Love Actually and probably two dozen other movies that right now seem to blend in to one another. I am holding off on Elf and It's a Wonderful Life. Those I watch Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My husband watches A Christmas Story.

But I had to take a break last week. I was actually a little bored with them. Yes, as much as I love them some of the plots are pretty much the same, just different people in different locations. I turned on the news.

That lasted two days. Back to my diet of Christmas movies. Best diet I've ever been on. I'm feeling better, looking forward to each day (because there's a new movie) and thinking positively because there's always a happy ending. I'm getting some terrific decorating ideas, and I think I know how to make a Christmas wreath now (that seems to be the hottest Christmas craft on screen theses days). I always had an artificial Christmas tree but this year I want a real one, and I want to bring it home in a red truck. I've called up a cousin of mine with a young child just because I want to decorate cookies with them on a large kitchen island. And every time I go through the drab Lincoln Tunnel, I think of a jolly green ELF which puts a smile on my face. It's indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

Yes, I know this won't mood won't last, neither will the movies, and life is not full of happy endings as in these hopeful holiday stories. But, isn't it all about  the way you look at things?

So I'll continue to watch these movies. I started with the Hallmark Channels, added in It's A Wonderful Lifetime, added a dollop of Netflix and a spoonful of Freeform and a sprinkling of AMC. I know there's more for me to explore, but I do have a few more weeks to surf to other channels and platforms. And then, I've got all of January on Hallmark. What a concept - I can catch up on all the movies I may have missed on this channel. I remember last year at the end of January when I turned on Hallmark and instead of a Christmas flick I heard the theme song from the Golden GIrls, what a disappointment. But that marked to me that the holidays were, indeed, over until - drumroll - October. 

WIth over 100 new movies this Christmas, it's hard to keep track. And from what I hear, expect even more next year. If you haven't started yet or just wanted to see what's on the horizon to help you plan (yes, another item on the Christmas TO DO list), I've got a tip for you. TV Guide is true to its name by having a great guide to help you find new movies and classics you want to see again.