Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Brad Forenza's The Rehearsal - About the Drama of a Wedding - Comes to New York City's TADA Youth Theater for One Night: Starring Alicia Giangrisostome, Rosie Gunther, Maureen Van Zandt and more

Coming to the TADA Youth Theater in NYC, as presented by Emerging Artist Theater is the new play, The Rehearsal, written by filmmaker Brad Forenza. Tickets are still available for the one - act play on March 7, 2019.

This play stars Alicia Giangrisostomi, Rosie Gunther, Nando Prudhomme, Christian Spinella, Maureen Van Zandt and Richard Vetere. Brad wrote and produced the play with Brian Dashew directing.

The Rehearsal takes place during the wedding weekend of Eric (Christian Spinella) and Kim (Alicia Giangrisostomi). As Spinella notes, “Weddings can be chock-full of drama. And drama is exactly what Eric is faced with.” Two families who don't know each other real well come together in one home, so imagine what happens.

“What I like about Kim is that she’s a go-getter,” adds Giangrisostomi (the bride-to-be). “She wants to be more and do more, and I can relate to that.”

Specifically, Eric and Kim want to start their new life far, far away from the groom’s mundane family (Rosie Gunther and Nando Prudhomme). As Gunther observes, “You’re never too sure how the M.O.G. feels about her son’s wedding. Then again, this M.O.G. is probably skeptical of most weddings.”

Rosie Gunther 
I asked Brad about how this play came to be. 

"The universe has a funny way of weaving people in and out of one's life. Rosie Gunther, whom I have known through a family friend since the 1990s when I was in middle school, was integral to making my very first self-produced project come to life. She participated in that project because she believed in me, even if the focal piece was a bit under-cooked. 

Fast-forward to last May (2018), when Rosie and I re-connected at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival. I'm very much an adult now (not a middle-schooler), and Rosie and I had a lot to catch up on. It turned out she had even been directing my niece. We agreed that we wanted to collaborate again, this time as mutual adults with a shared passion for the creative process. 

Rosie adds, "As a recent real life "Mother of the Groom", Rosie never gets tired of art imitating life! While her own son's wedding was a low key event, the high stakes "Rehearsal" wedding are anything but. I think that the playwright does a wonderful job of portraying family dynamics that don't necessarily bring out the best in each other."

Maureen Van Zandt
and Steven Van Zandt
THE REHEARSAL is a play about family. To that end, it's poignantly poetic that Rosie and I said goodbye to our mutual friend-- the person who connected us back in the 1990s-- just a few months ago. In a way, this iteration of THE REHEARSAL is my private dedication to that friend. And I am so, so honored that Rosie-- along with Richard Vetere, Maureen Van Zandt, and other insanely talented souls-- are along for the ride. I'm still not quite sure what I did to deserve all this good fortune."

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