Wednesday, November 28, 2018

INTERVIEW: Actress Hayley Podschun Talks about Her Role in Holiday Inn at the Paper Mill Playhouse, White Christmases, Podcasts and Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Interview by Beth Abramson Brier

Just a week before opening night, on the evening of the big snowstorm, I had a chance to chat with the talented and amiable Hayley Podschun, one of the female leads of Holiday Inn not caught in the snarled traffic.

Hayley, were you familiar with the classic movie version of Holiday Inn?

Hayley Podschun: Growing up I watched A Christmas Story and White Christmas and only four years ago did I first see Holiday Inn. I love that the stage production is a fresh modernized take on the story.

Fred or Bing?

Hayley Podschun: That’s a hard question. [long pause]. Fred.

What is your favorite number in the show?

Hayley Podschun: It’s funny you should ask because I just had this conversation with Nick (Nicholas Rodriguez) a few days ago. I don’t have a favorite. It’s just one smash hit after another! It depends on the day. Of course I love White Christmas because it is a classic and Easter Parade. And natrually I love the beautiful songs that my character Linda sings.

Do you have a routine or ritual to get ready for a performance?

Hayley Podschun: I have some hot tea and then, as more of a superstition than a routine, I brush my teeth!
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How do you unwind after the show?

Hayley Podschun: I zone out listening to podcasts. I also catch up with boyfriend to talk about our day. He is a performer too.

Do you have a special holiday tradition?

Hayley Podschun: When I was performing in Hairspray at the Neil Simon Theater I would walk up 5th Avenue late at night to see the windows when it is quiet. I still make a point to do that.

Favorite holiday treat?

Hayley Podschun: I kick off the holidays by hosting a breakfast of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls*, bacon and mimosas followed by a book exchange.
[*I love cinnamon rolls!]

White Christmas or warm and sunny?

Hayley Podschun: A white Christmas-always!

Shout out?

Hayley Podschun: Sending love to my Iowa pen pal, Brian Samons at the Grundy Center. Brian was a 3rd grade teacher who wrote to me asking if I would be a pen pal with this students. Now he is a principal and I was invited to visit his school as an artist in residence. Lucky kids!

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