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Interview with Big Brother's Jessie Godderz aka "Mr. PecTacular" on His New Music Video with 98 Degrees Superstar Jeff Timmons; Who Gets the Girl in "The Girl is With Me?' Watch Video Here

There's a whole lot of HOT in this new video by 98 Degrees artist Jeff Timmons and Big Brother's Jessie Godderz AKA Mr. PecTacular. Jessie teams up with super artist Jeff Timmons in the new song "The Girl is With Me." But just who wins out? You'll have to watch. 

The song's got a great beat and a catchy tune. It will keep you watching until the end.

I had the opportunity to ask Jessie, who I met at the Datyime Emmys for his work on Tainted Dreams about his musical debut. Yes, Jessie the popular Big Brother Alum and wrestling superstar who also acts in the Emmy-nominated series Tainted Dreams on Amazon and in a new movie can now add musical artist to his resume. So what does he have to say about his debut role as a musical performer?

Did you do any singing prior to this?

Jessie Godderz: I've sung before in High School Choir and Swing Choir but that was many years ago and I never sang in public since...and never professionally. 

What about any preparation? Anything you thought you should do or were ask to do?

Jessie Godderz: I really didn't do much prep for the video. Just made sure I didn't strain my voice for the week leading up to the recording session. I also drank plenty of fluids beforehand...and just hoped for the best!! Haha

You've done so many things new things since Big Brother - just how much fun was this project? 

Jessie Godderz: It was an absolutely amazing experience making the video. So much fun from start to finish.

Jessie Godderz handing on the Red Carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards
What was it like working with Supertar Jeff Timmons?

Jessie Godderz: It was a tremendous honor and privilege working with such a Legendary Music Superstar on this project! Jeff is an extraordinary artist in every sense of the word. Just a phenomenal person all the way around. And we've become close friends ever since. I can't wait to work together again. I think we make an unbeatable team!!

Jessie Godderz with the team from Tainted Dreams
Who else collaborated on this video? I heard you worked with some of the team from Tainted Dreams.

Jessie: With my close friends Sonia Blangiardo and Brandon Goins (from The Usual BS Productions) at the helm, along with my good friends Bryan Edwards, Tee Cicala, and James Long integrally involved, I knew the project was going to be awesome. 

Morgan Willett was amazing! She really helped make the video fun and lighthearted and did an outstanding job. Can't say enough great things about her! 

Sonia Blangiardo, who created and directed Tainted Dreams, and is also an Emmy-award winning Director at Days of Our Lives, told BehindtheScenezz, 
“When I heard Jessie had recorded a song with Jeff Timmons, I couldn’t believe it and the minute I listened to it, I was hooked! I was thrilled when I was asked to be a part of it and even though they’re the ones who brought it all to the table, we had a blast coming up with story and shots to create something fun. It was a little overwhelming since I’ve never done anything in the music world, but anything that involves Jessie, I am in. I’ve known him for years and I hope many more projects are in store for us in the future!”

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Interview by Suzanne Ordas Curry

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