Thursday, June 22, 2017

Women: Looking to Learn or Make a Change in Your Life? Morphmom Conference in NYC Features Renowned Speakers, Special Guest Big Life Author Ann Shoket

Are you looking to do something new with your life? Make a change, start a new career, get a fresh or different outlook on life?

Enter the Non-conference conference by Morphmom to be held on Monday, June 26th at Playwright Horizons on 42nd Street in New York City.. Not your typical conference, this event is geared towards women (men welcome though) who want to learn more about different opportunities in life from successful women who have pursued their dreams.

Hear their stories of success and failure to learn how to forge your own path. Fonder of Morphmom, event organizer and New York City radio talk show host Kathleen Smith states, "I hesitated to call this just a conference because it is so much more. It's the place for real women to talk about their real issues and learn real solutions. It will be an intimate seating where women will have the opportunity to speak directly with distinguished speakers and learn from their experiences. Come for the conversation, have some food and enjoy yourself."


Anne Shoket    Credit Anne Menke
There will be panels throughout the day. Speaker panels from 1-6PM covering a wide variety of topics such as Returning to the Workforce, Healthy Living, Starting a Business, Writing a Book, Giving Back, Media and television, Juggling between kids and eldercare and Preparing for the Worst .  

Special guest will be Ann Shoket, author of The Big Life, founder of Badass Babes and former editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine.

Following is a list of all the speakers for the day. For more information visit

1-1:30- Start That Biz
        Mod.-Monica Ferguson and Becca BrownCo-Founders of Solemates/ Shark Tank Winners                                             

                Jaime Gelbtuch-Founder and Principal Consultant of Cultural Mixology

                 Dr. Ya-El Mandel-Portnoy, Ph.D., M.Sc. Founder & CEO | Cardea Sciences

Director Caytha Jentis with Morphmom Founder Kathleen Smith
1:35-2:05- Back To Business
         Mod.-Anna Brusco-VP and Nat. Distribution. Mngr. AIG Private Client Group

                 Jude Connally- Founder of Jude Connally Clothing

                 Beatriz Garcia- Director, New York at Brunswick Group

                 Debbie Shields-Clifford-Litigator and Leader of Child Advocacy Team-Gibbons P.C

2:10-:2:40-Prepare for the Worst
           Mod.-Sheila Klehm-Managing Director- UBS Wealth Management

                   Stephen Liss-Director, Senior Wealth Strategist- UBS

2:45-3:15-Juggling Act
          Mod.-Pam Robertson- Co-Founder -Meredith’s Jars of Joy

                   Debbie Clifford-Shields- Litigator and Leader of Child Advocacy Team-Gibbons P.C.

                   Christina Murphy - Attorney at Law- Health Care Industry

                      Kelly Peeler - Founder and CO of NextGenVest

3:15-3:30- Break

3:35-4:05 -Be Well

            Mod-Annie Long Sullivan - ED, Founding Member, Beauty Counter


                   Karen Colbert Nurse Practitioner/Owner, W2 Wellness and Weight Loss Center

4:10-5:40-Lead From the Heart
         Mod.-Lisa Holton-President - Classroom, Inc.

                  Michele Mitchell-Executive Editor, Film at 11 Media

                    (To be added)

4:45-5:15-Make That Movie
         Mod.-Caytha Jentis-Writer, Director, Producer - The Other F Word

                  Nancy Armstrong-Senior producer - MAKERS

                  Suzanne Curry- Owner at Write Ideas PR, President at Bergen CASA, Producer

                  Sonia Blangiardo-Director at Days of Our Lives/ Creator- writer- Tainted Dreams

Tainted Dreams Creator Sonia Blangiardo (right) with
Teresa Cicala at the 2017 Emmy Awards

5:20-5:50-Write That Book
        Mod.- Benilde Little- Best Selling Author- Good Hair, Welcome to My Breakdown- just to name a few!

                  Sandra Richards- ED at Morgan Stanley/ Award winning Author of Rice and Rocks

                  Mary Carlomango-Author/ Tv Personality/ Owner of ORDER

6-9 Cocktails
7PM- Ann Shoket- author of The Big Life