Thursday, July 23, 2015

Martha Byrne's Talks about Her New Show "Weight" and Weight Issues to Michael Logan of TVInsider: "Age Changes Everything"

Martha Byrne's new series examines the absurd side of
life after a reality show           Photo Suzanne Ordas Curry
In this candid interview, Emmy Winner Martha Byrne, most famous for her role as Lily Snyder on the long-running soap As The World Turns, talks about what she is doing post-soap with her new series Weight. The pilot will premiere online August 2, 2015 at 8pm EST at The comedy focuses on a suburban  mom who lost weight on a reality show and has to keep it off in real life, without the coach, without the prepared food and with cupcakes and cookies filling the cupboards.

Martha says, "I am Claire" referring to her character, and her life, in which she always had to watch her weight because in taping a soap she was on screen every day. TV Insider's Michael Logan gives the full scoop here: