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Glee Final Season Final Episode Part 2 Recap: Dreams Come True

This is a recap for the second part of the final episode of the final season- and what a way to end.    By Di's Dish

It’s the present day, and the Glee club is at Nationals.  As Will prepares himself for the judges’ decisions, he recalls his time as a student at Nationals.  His beloved coach, Lillian Adler, said that Glee is not about competition, but about something deeper - opening yourself up to joy.  Joy abounds when the New Directions wins the 2015 Nationals Championship! 

The Superintendent and Board of Education decide to turn McKinley into a performing arts school, based on Will’s dedication over the years and falling test scores when the arts were removed from the curriculum.  Will is speechless when he’s told that he’s the new principal.  His day has finally arrived!  As they get ready for work, Will and Emma count their professional and personal blessings.  Years of hard work, dedication, tenacity and integrity (well, maybe that was put aside for just a moment with Finn and the pot) have paid off.  Life is good.  Will walks into a packed choir room for the first day of Glee club.  The room is full of MHS students plus alumni Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Sam, Blaine and Kitty.  Will announces the creation of multiple Glee clubs at McKinley however he won’t be coaching any of them.  In a moment of Glee perfection, Will performs his farewell song, “Teach Your Children.”  The tears flow, especially for Rachel.  No acting required. 

And the new New Directions coach is, drum roll please….Sam!  The bright lights of NYC aren’t for him, and he’s found his true home at McKinley.  Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Artie, Tina and Sam gather in the auditorium to hear Mercedes’ big news.  She will be the opening act for Beyonce’s world tour.  She gratefully acknowledges their friendship and how it changed her for the better.  She says goodbye with a powerful performance of “Someday We’ll Be Together,” and Artie sums up her exit with a respectful “Mercedes Jones has left the building.” 

Kurt and Blaine find Sue nosing around her old office, which now bears Will’s name.  They thank her for getting them back together.  We know that Sue has always had a soft spot for Kurt after watching him endure the bullying and threats.  She explains why.  By getting to know him and seeing his hardships firsthand, she learned things about herself.  She gives Kurt a heartfelt and genuine thank you, and he is clearly moved.  Sue heads to the hallway for a slow-motion, shove students out of the way embrace with Becky.  Mutual apologies are exchanged for some past behavior and their bond is restored.  Now there’s one more person for Sue to see….and no talking is necessary.  Will meets Sue in the auditorium, and is confused at first when she starts singing “The Winner Takes It All”  (they hit the bulls eye with this song choice!).  Will joins in for a fun and humorous duet.  They end the song with hands joined.   Will tries to speak, but Sue silences him and exits the stage, tripping Brad the piano player on her way out.  The Will-Sue opposition is no more, and this scene was the perfect way to wrap that up.  Five years later, it’s election night, Becky is Secret Service, and Sue has just been elected to her second term as Vice President of the United States.  And yes of course she will run for President in 2024!

Kurt and Blaine reflect on some of Kurt’s favorite mementos while at McKinley.  Five years later, they are visiting the Harvey Milk elementary school for celebrity Tuesday sing-along.  They encourage the children to be proud of who they are, to find friends who accept them, to dream big, and to surround themselves with people who can help their dreams come true.  Kurt and Blaine sing “Daydream Believer” while everyone dances around the room.  Kurt even pulls out a few old moves from his New Directions days.  It’s a feel good scene with the message that “hope will never be silent.”  What a wonderful sendoff for a beloved couple. 

The next scene opens with two hands playing the piano, and we instantly know that something amazing is coming.  Rachel gives a breathtaking performance of a song written by fellow cast member Darren Criss called “This Time.”  Once again, the show’s creators nailed it.  What better way to give Rachel her musical exit than a powerful song with personalized lyrics.  Glee perfection. 

It’s five years later and the gang is assembling in NY and Ohio for the Tony awards.  Mercedes’ music career has skyrocketed.  Artie and Tina are a couple and made a movie together.  Sam is playing the field with dating and hmm he’s still texting Mercedes.   Rachel is married to Jesse, and is very pregnant with a baby that she’s carrying for Kurt and Blaine.   Will and Emma have four kids who seem to have tons of fun with Sam.  Happily ever after has been found for all. 

And the Tony goes to….Rachel Berry!

When one speaks from the heart, the words come easily.  Rachel’s acceptance speech includes a deeply moving tribute to Will.  “Mr. Schue always taught to my strengths and not my weaknesses, and he cheered the loudest when I soared and he picked me up when I was in a million pieces, he taught me the one great thing that all teachers do, and there are so many of them out there, and that is being a part of something special does not make you special, something is special because you are a part of it.” 

Everyone should have a Mr. Schue in their life. 

Sue appears on the sofa next to Will and hands him a tissue.

It’s the fall of 2020, and Sue is at the podium in the MHS auditorium.  Her audience is Will, Burt, Carol, Figgins, Emma, and Sheldon, and Terry quietly slinks in too.  Sue begins with her old viewpoint about Glee club being a place where “cowardly losers go to sing their troubles away.”  But, she admits, she was wrong about the cowardly part.  Because she has realized that it takes bravery to see the world not as it is, but as it should be.  That was my takeaway in my “Transitions” episode recap when Sheldon returned to MHS, so I certainly agree with Sue’s opinion.  The space is re-named as the Finn Hudson Auditorium.  Sue credits Will for his hard work along with Finn’s memory for the success of McKinley as a performing arts school.  She wraps up this elder stateswoman speech with genuine congratulations for Will, introduces the New Directions, and the last performance begins.  Will hops up on stage and starts off a spine tingling “I Believe.”  Everyone joins in throughout the performance, including most of the New Directions alumni.  It’s a heartwarming scene, a sea of red and white, dancing and singing with glee.  Glee perfection, that is.  The lights dim and we have the final bow.

A new plaque is added alongside Finn and Lillian’s plaques in the choir room.  The plaque commemorates the Finn Hudson Auditorium with a quote, “See the world not as it is, but as it should be.”
The Glee creators ended this groundbreaking show by staying true to its roots, with hope, optimism, musical selections that hit the jackpot, inspiring messages, and everyone finding their version of happiness.  Bravo!

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