Friday, May 22, 2015

A Delectable Combination: Candy, A Good Story and Soap Stars Will Put Winterthorne on Your Must See List

The new cast poster for Winterthorne
You had me at Candy.

There's only so many hours in the day, and only so many hours in the day to watch TV. Although I am an avid fan of TV and soaps for decades, I find it very hard to keep up with all that I want to watch.

As I work in entertainment and know a lot of people with online soaps, it is hard to watch all of them
consistently as much as I would like to. But Winterthorne, well I am making time for this one.

The trailer, that just came out, was amazing and left me wanting for more. Professional, colorful, interesting, a bit exotic and wicked, peppered with popular people from soaps and TV, this is an online series  I am putting on my viewing list.

Martha Madison 
The show centers around a candy empire run by lead actress Martha Madison (Days of Our Lives, The Bay) who plays Miranda Winterthorne. Recently joining the cast is another Days Belle actress, Kirsten Storms (GH, Days of our Lives) who will play her younger sister Selene, who after an absence from the business comes back to make some changes. I can only guess that the changes will be more than whether or not the chocolate flows or cascades over the caramel, so expect some stormy situations that may not be so sweet. Here's the trailer:!trailer/c14lh

Linda Gray leaves the
oil business for the candy
Other cast members adding to the temptation of this tempestuous tale include Michael Caruso (DeVanity), Linda Gray (Dallas), Gordon Thomson (Santa Barbara and Dynasty), Ron Hanks (Golden California), Kathleen Gati (General Hospital) and Josh Thrower (The Young and the Restless, 90210).

Winterthorne Director
Sonia Blangiardo
I had the pleasure of interviewing Sonia Blangiardo, the director, for some insights into this new series. Well known for her soap background, she has producer credits for As The World Turns, One Life to Live, All My Children and most recently Tainted Dreams.

Suzee: So tell me Sonia, what makes this show unique?

Sonia: There are many elements that make this show unique.  Without giving away story, I can say that the details of Winterthorne are just as much characters as the main characters are. Michael and Barbi Caruso are geniuses in that regard.  The uniqueness is never-ending from the costumes to the props to the set decoration. Nothing was too small and not given full attention to. It's a show about a candy empire with twists and turns. Seriously? How is that not perfect?

Suzee: When did you film and when can we see it?

Sonia: We finished shooting in April.  I know Michael has given much thought to what he plans on doing with its release and he will be able to announce something in the near future. (Note: The trailer says coming August 27th),

Suzee: What was it like working with Michael and Barbi? What are the characters like?

Sonia: To start, I have the utmost respect for Michael and his strive for storytelling in the most unique ways. I have so much to say about Winterthorne. Winterthorne is like nothing soap fans have ever seen. They will be astounded by the beauty of it all, but at the heart of any good soap is the relationship of its characters.  The fans will be invested in their journey as they will be confronted with love, hate, revenge, survival and suspense.  What more can you ask for?

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