Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring Cleaning at the Major Networks: What's In and What's Out for Fall 2015

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Spring cleaning time is here at the major networks, making room for new fall shows being picked up at the Upfronts in NYC.

Some surprises and some predictability as well. How did your favorites fare?

As far as comedies go, the hot lineup on ABC Wednesday night has been renewed, though I hear The Middle's Axel is headed to another network so not sure how that will play out. Cristella is cancelled, that show had promise. Maybe Cristella has found a home on
THE VIEW instead. NBC cancelled several comedies, as did CBS. I thought THE MILLERS was very funny, but that got axed. The New Odd Couple is rather funny, but will original Odd Couple fans continue to turn in?

Fox continues to amaze. Empire is a break out hit. Mindy is gone but probably moves over to HULU. Will that make me purchase HULU? Yes it will. Last Man on Earth is one of the funniest, dumbest shows I have ever seen but I am glued to the set. I should not have read the spoiler on Variety last week because there's no way I would have predicted Tandy's brother circling the Earth in a space station.

All the classic reality shows,  The Bachelor, Survivor, American Idol, America's Top Model, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice, The Voice among those coming back.

It's a different world now, programming needs fast audiences or they're gone. Read the complete list here to see if you agree with what's coming back and what you'll find floating around the Internet soon enough:  Click here:

Commentary by Suzanne Ordas Curry

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