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Glee Recap: Attention Gleeks the The Farewell Season is Here: "LOSER LIKE ME" Episode 1

Glee The Farewell Season

By Di's Dish

As the one and only Julie Andrews sings in The Sound of Music, “let’s start at the very beginning…..”  The premiere of Glee’s farewell season has done just that.  The show has gone back to its roots. 

This is readily apparent with the opening scene (and with the title of the show!).  Rachel’s hair and wardrobe look more, well, Rachel-like, and she goes straight into song after being dumped from her television show debut.  I’ve watched Glee with my daughter from its
inception and we weren’t fans of the “new direction” that the show had taken in the past couple of seasons, so this homecoming is a welcome change. 

Rachel heads back to Lima as her world is crumbling down. Her debut television show has been canceled, her dads are divorcing and the arts have been banished from existence at McKinley High School.  Facing a blurry future at best, Rachel decides to tackle the uphill battle of resurrecting the Glee club at MHS under the dictatorial regime of Principal Sue Sylvester. 

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In another plot update, Blaine is in Lima coaching the Warblers after the demise of his relationship with Kurt.  Blaine and Rachel reconnect and perform a delightful duet (Suddenly Seymour from  “Little Shop of Horrors”) at a public piano.  This was somewhat reminiscent of Rachel’s first meeting with Jesse St. James all those years ago, with the sublimely sung “Hello.”

Sue Sylvester and all of her evil absurdity are back in full force.  Kurt is trying to date but in the process comes to realize that he’s not over Blaine.  He joins Rachel in Lima on a NYADA work-study program to assist with the Glee club resurrection and to patch things up with Blaine.  Sam is the assistant football coach, and we are introduced to Spencer the football player – a self proclaimed “kind of an arrogant jerk” who, at first glance, projects the morals of Finn with an overload of confidence.  His character seems to be an excellent addition to the show. 

The Warblers were one of the most fun additions to Glee over the years, and therefore I was happy to see them back with a fantastical rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Sing.”  The combination is pure Glee perfection – could it get any better?  The answer is yes!  Blaine dons his jacket and joins in the song!

Will Schuester is the well-paid coach of Vocal Adrenaline and doting dad to an adorable baby boy.  He has no more Glee club fight left in him, but as always provides sound advice and a motivational pep talk to Rachel about the challenges of life.  This gives her the strength and conviction to seek the Superintendent’s approval to reinstate the Glee club.  He agrees, but she must fund and coach the club.  Sue is incensed with anger when she finds out and promises nothing short of war.

Kurt’s first meeting with Blaine does not go well.  He is introduced to Blaine’s new boyfriend, Karofsky.  Hmmmm.

Rachel moves into Mr. Schue’s old office.  He stops by with some motivational words and the original “Priority #1 – Help the Kids” newspaper clipping which adorned the office during his tenure.  It’s the official passing of the baton.  Rachel, seeming so alone and facing a massive challenge, sings “Let It Go.”  Once again, Glee perfection, when song and plot and performer all match up. 

In a full circle moment, Rachel places the sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the hallway, complete with her signature gold star.  We are back!!!


Blaine has found his home and happiness as coach of the Warblers.  However, Jane, who gains admission to Dalton and wants to join the Warblers, throws him off.  Blaine decides that he wants to be on the right side of history and convinces the Warblers to permit Jane to tryout.  Blaine enlists Rachel to coach Jane, and despite a successful tryout, the Warblers decide to stick with tradition and do not allow Jane to join the club. 

All of the original New Directions members, sans Mike, join Rachel and Kurt for homecoming weekend and to help recruit members for Glee club.  Kurt visits Spencer in the football locker room to discuss Glee, but the two of them do not make a connection and Spencer is not interested in the club.  However, two members of the Cheerios seem curious after Brittany, Quinn, Santana and Artie perform on the football field.  Kitty, ever the Queen Bee, dishes out a bowl full of nasty to the former and prospective members on the spot. 

While the alumni are meeting in the choir room, they hear a heavenly voice through the ducts.  They follow the sound to the library, and find Roderick among the stacks.  He is a senior year transfer student with a love of music and no friends.  They convince him to try out for Glee.  His performance is a smash and he is the first official member.  The second member is Jane, who decides to transfer to McKinley rather than stay at Dalton and fight to join a club where she is not wanted.  Blaine is angry with Rachel as he perceives this as poaching and the gloves come off.  It’s the end of friendly competition between the Warblers and the New Directions.  Mason and Madison, who are brother and sister Cheerios, also join Glee.  It seems like the club is on its way!

Sue’s journal, always a source of hilarious absurdity, is back!  Who can she find to be her pawn to dismantle the Glee club?  Spencer, she thinks.  Well, it turns out that Spencer is not for sale, and he stands up to Sue without hesitation.

As everyone gazes at and mingles around the homecoming bonfire, there is a sense of wondering about which direction the future will go.

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