Thursday, January 22, 2015

Point Me In the Direction of Atlantic City - David Cassidy Comes to Atlantic City's Tropicana

Teen and Boomer Idol David Cassidy will make his fans happy
at the the Tropicana in AC
You may not find a brightly-colored Mondrianesqe bus parked outside the Tropicana but inside you'll still find hundreds of screaming fans that know he's there.

Ladies that is. Ladies for a GNO or ladies who dragged their significant others. Ladies pretty much who are middle-aged. Ladies who most likely had his poster hung in their bedroom and who were fixated in front of the TV on Friday night or positioned in front of a transistor radio tuned to WABC AM radio to hear one of his songs.  Ladies who put his singles on their turntables, after carefully placing the little doo-dad in the middle. Ladies who carried their lunches to school in a Partridge Family lunchbox. Ladies who "played" Partridge Family with their friends. And you'll see he's picked up some younger fans as well with his dashing debonair, way cool hair and light FM music.

David with  Peter Noone &, Mickey Dolenz
I have been to other David Cassidy concerts and I will say that he will not disappoint. Though you might think Mr. Cassidy, like other singers from the past, would fill his concert with "new" stuff trying to be current or different but David won't. You won't be disappointed because he will sing "I Think I Love You." (And it will be a very long version which you will love even more.) He will sing "I Woke Up in Love This Morning." He will sing "Cherish." And he will sing others and you'll surprise yourself by realizing you still remember the words.

David Cassidy pointing in the Direction
Of  Albuquerque

Photo by Suzanne Ordas Curry
David is playing at the Tropicana in Atlantic City on January 23rd. He usually makes an appearance in NJ around the same time each  year. Two years ago his concert was cancelled because he was snowed out. We've got snow coming this year too.

I saw David a few years ago sharing the stage with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits and Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees at Westbury Music Fair in NY. You would think these guys would get tired of playing the songs they have been playing for decades. But quite the contrary, it's as if they were battling with each other to get the opportunity to sing. But when it wasn't their turn, they sat. Because, they too, are middle-aged like the ladies who still swoon over them.

If you liked David when you were young, you'll like him in concert. Nothing like seeing your pin-up guy in the flesh.

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This article was written by Suzanne :Ordas Curry  aka"Suzee".