Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Wait is Over: Weight the Series Pilot starring Martha Byrne Premieres in NYC Amidst a Bevy of Soap Friends for Support

Executive Producers of Weight, Martha Byrne and Daryn Strauss
On the second floor of the Galway Pub in midtown Manhattan they filed in. One soap actor after another, all there to support a fellow actress in her new project, a comedy series called Weight.

Emmy-Winner Martha Byrne put together this new show with Creator and Writers Guild Award Nominee Dayrn Strauss. It's a "dramedy" centering around a middle-class mom "Clare", played by Martha who goes on a reality show to lose weight. The pilot for this show premiered at the party.

As the series had conducted a crowdfunding campaign, the VIP Soap Party, as it was billed, was a donor perk, but it evolved into so much more. It was a reunion for so many soap actors, actors who spent days and months and years with each other, but many of whom have seen their soaps end. And because of this, had not seen their soap "family" in quite some time.

The step and repeat area was busy as Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Network, CBS Soaps in Depth and Serial Scoop were all there. Serial Scoop Now set up tent in another area for interviews, interviewing Daryn, Martha, Anny Sayre, and Elizabeth Hubbard,

Fellow As The World Turns actors were in attendance, but there were also alum from GL, OLTL, AMC and GH among others. Michael Park was hanging out with Michael O'Leary, Grant Aleksander and Larkin Malloy. Terri Conn brought her husband, Austin Peck (we miss him on Days, he's off with Kerry somewhere right now.) Elizabeth Hubbard was happy to chat with all. (Catch her on The Doctors now on RetroTV.) Anne Sayre was stunning in her leopard dress. Lisa Brown, who worked on Gotham with Martha, was also there as was Lauren B. Martin and Elizabeth Keifer, who were all happy to mingle with the guests.
Comedienne Maysoon Zayid also stopped by to lend her support. Even the former CBS Daytime publicist was there to chat with some of his old friends.

A little after 8 o'clock the attendees were heralded out of the bar area and into the screening area. Daryn Strauss said a few words and then the pilot premiered. The 12 minute pilot gave a real glimpse into the show. Martha, a housewife (geez I hate that term), is shown meeting her family (played by Bradley White, Kate West (daughter of GH's Laura), Peyton Ella for the first time after losing a ton of weight on a reality show. However, their reactions are not what you would expect as the host of the show (Trent Dawson (from ATWT) soon finds out! And then there's the reaction from her older, slimmer sister (played by Allison Smith (Kate and Allie, The West Wing). I heard one actress say, "It was too short, I wanted to see more."

Weight is coming to multiple platforms in 2015. For more information follow weight on twitter, @WeighttheSeries, check the facebook page for updates or visit

Photo Gallery
Anne Sayre and Maysoon Zayid                                                     Photos by Suzanne Ordas Curry

Austin Peck, Maysoon Zayid and Martha Byrne

Fan Tracey DiVivo and Michael O'Leary

Elizabeth Keifer and Grant Aleksander

Martha Byrne and Michael Park. Watch him on House of Cards and ChicagoPD.

Martha Byrne with cupcakes supplied by the Accurso Family of Lotito's Bakery and Deli

Carolyn Hinsey and Martha Byrne

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