Tuesday, October 14, 2014

D. A. Pupa's Book The Magician: A Serial Killer Hits the Beloved Jersey Shore/Booksigning at Booktowne October 24th

The Magician is D. A. Pupa's first mystery.
 The Magician is the first novel from the pen of  NJ's D. A. Pupa. A psychotherapist by trade, D. A. undoubtedly uses his knowledge of the human psyche intertwined with a love of thrillers and mystery to create some magic of his own in this page-turner set at the Jersey Shore. Though it takes place during the biggest storm to hit the NJ coastline in almost a century, Super Storm Sandy, the storm was not the only thing wreaking havoc with these Spring Lake residents.. a serial killer was on the loose.

I had the opportunity to speak to this talented first-time author about his life in Jersey and what inspires him to write.

Have you always lived in Jersey?

 I was born in Northeastern Pennsylvania, but have lived most of my life at the Jersey Shore. We briefly lived in Long Island & Europe….but moved here at the end of middle school. Was lucky enough to grow up enjoying the beaches of New Jersey (mainly Manasquan).

What inspired you to the write the book? Are you an avid reader?

I’ve always been an avid reader and so has all of my family. I mainly enjoy suspense and thrillers. I love early James Patterson (Kiss The Girls, Along Came A Spider), Thomas Harris (Silence of The Lambs), Stephen King (The Stand, The Shining), Tom Clancy, Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynne….classics too….Gone With The Wind, Catcher In The Rye, and countless others.
I was inspired to write the book after my mom nudged me into pursuing my dream. I had the basic idea of this novel inside my head for the better part of two decades. Hurricane Sandy and the
scariness of that night at the Jersey Shore gave me a true anchor point for my story. Around that time I had begun a fulltime private practice (I’m a psychotherapist) and since I set my own hours it allowed me to have more flexibility with my time in order to write. That’s when mom said to me, “Why don’t you write that book you’re always talking about?” and I really had no answer other than “She’s right, if I’m ever going to do it, now is the time”… so the rest is history. I began the novel in January of 2013.

D. A. Pupa, "I spent most of my time
growing up at the beach."
Tell me about your book.

A renowned FBI Agent’s wife is killed by a serial killer during Hurricane Sandy. The Agent, Frank Sorello, was away investigating another murder at the time. The killer then disappears and goes into hibernation. The FBI Agent falls apart and retires from the Bureau. Later, he meets a female psychotherapist along the Spring Lake Boardwalk. They are both runners and from there a relationship eventually forms and she helps him to rebuild his life. Just when he seems to be moving past the trauma of his wife’s death, he is drawn back into the hunt. While sitting reading a newly released bestselling fictional novel along the Spring Lake Boardwalk he realizes the book has classified information in it about his wife’s murder. This is actually where my novel begins.
A back story also exists about a young boy with an immeasurable IQ that is off the charts (along the lines of a Leonardo DaVinci) and his own traumatic past. He is sent on to a path of destruction, all the while filled with hatred. But fate intervenes when as a young adult he attends Princeton University and is exposed to the brilliance of his surroundings. Additionally, he meets selfless and kind people which act in a cathartic manner. Sadly, further tragedy is in the cards.
The killer resurfaces and eventually the two stories merge together. The novel is told in a past/present fashion until the timelines meet. The protagonist hopes to gain retribution by ending the killer’s reign, but he has other plans. New Jersey and its landmarks are the primary setting, but the storyline moves us throughout the country and to Europe as well. The book is a suspenseful thriller along the lines of James Patterson and Thomas Harris.

Would this book make a good beach read?

Well, according to the feedback of numerous people that have read the book, yes, it’s a great beach read . . . fast paced and engrossing.

What is your all-time favorite beach and why?

Manasquan Beach. It’s where I spent most of my time growing up. Just like anyone other Shore resident, you mainly go where your family and friends hangout. Gee Gee’s, The Osprey and Leggett’s were late night visits during my college years, Of course, I also spent plenty of time at Point Pleasant, Sea Girt, Spring Lake and Belmar. They are all interwoven into my memories of the Jersey Shore.

What are your favorite crime shows on TV? Or if you don't want TV too much, what author did you pattern your book after?

I used to love NYPD Blue, and I currently love Blue Bloods. Movies….Silence of The Lambs. Books that I patterned mine after, Thomas Harris & James Patterson novels.

How can we get your book?

It is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com in hard cover, soft cover and all e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc,). A reader can go to my website at www.dapupa.com and sample the first 15-20 pages by clicking on the pdf at the bottom of the webpage for free. The website also has a photograph of me, a picture of the book cover, synopsis, and a direct link to my book on Amazon where they can purchase it. It also lists upcoming events. I am doing a book reading/Q&A/signing at Booktowne in Manasquan. It is at 7:00 pm, Friday night on October 24th.

Are you working on any others?

Yes, I have just begun my second novel.

Meet D. A. at Booktowne (www.booktowne.com)in Manasquan 7pm on October 24th. 

For more info or to purchase his book visit: www.DAPupa.com.