Thursday, October 23, 2014

David Steinberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Caroline Rhea & Friends to Make Us Laugh Out Loud for Cancer: Gilda's Club Benefit November 2 in Hackensack, NJ.

Gilda's Club on Northern NJ presents Laugh Out Loud 5
with David Steinberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Caroline Rhea,
Vince August, Reese Waters, Cory Kahaney,
Jeff Norris, Gary Delena , Eddie Brill & Alan Zweibel.

                                                       by suzanne ordas curry

Gilda's Club Northern NJ is presenting a night of laughs, called LAUGH OUT LOUD 5 in support of their wonderful programs for cancer sufferers and their families. On November 2nd, Bergen Academies will host some of the finest comediens in the area, if not the country, to raise money for this worthy cause. Slated to appear are: David Steinberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Caroline Rhea, Vince August, Reese Waters, Cory Kahaney, Jeff Norris, Gary Delena, Eddie Brill and Special Guest Alan Zweibel. 

I remember watching Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live decades ago, and laughing at her little bitty, teeny weeny skits which produced really really big and hearty laughs,  Who could forget "Mr. Richard Feder from Forta, Leea, New Jersey".  Or Miss Emily Litella? Just in case you forgot, here are some cool links to start you laughing even before the event:

Classic Roseanne Roseannadanna on Weekend Update:

Roseanne Roseanneadanna on Steroids:

Ms. Emily Litella:

She was one of the first well-known figures who died of breast cancer, and she was young, that's what I remember, she was young and in the middle of making people laugh.

In her memory, Gilda's Club was erected and has been an ongoing tribute to her smile and efforts. The Club provides  many different types of activities for people and people who love them affected by not just breast cancer but other types of cancer as well. The offer networking and support groups, educational lectures and workshops to help people cope with and understand cancer, and activities, like bingo nights and potluck suppers to put some normalcy and fun into the lives of people suffering from cancer or watching someone else suffer.

This is the fifth LaughOut Loud event held by Gilda's Club, and it really will be a laugh a minute.
Tickets are within most anyone's price range, $29 to $59 each. To purchase tickets and find out more about Gilda's Club Northern NJ visit:

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