Thursday, July 4, 2024

General Hospital's Johnny Wactor Honored and Remembered at 'A Mile for Johnny Walker' at Strawberry Fields - More on His Life, Legacy

By: Markos Papadatos

On Saturday, June 29th, a “Mile for Johnny Wactor” took place in New York’s Strawberry Fields at Central Park. 21 dedicated and close Johnny Walker fans gathered for this poignant event, many of which were dressed in Johnny Wactor shirts that read “Always Loved” and “Forever Missed.”
This Central Park walk in the East Coast was happening at the same day as the West Coast one in North Hollywood Park (where over 500 people gathered) to pay their respects to Johnny Wactor, which was organized by his actor friend Micah Joe Parker and Jeremy Luke.
Johnny Wactor was murdered on May 25th in Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles because of an attempted catalytic converter theft. He died a hero at the age of 37 while heroically shielding Anita Joy, his female co-worker and friend.
Ironically enough, last year, the fans had a chance to walk with Johnny Wactor around Central Park, and what makes this even more special is that it was near John Lennon’s “Imagine” mosaic memorial.
Photo of Johnny Wactor at the Samantha's Friends fundraiser (with Levi, the ambassador dog).

There was definitely a feeling of solidarity, faith, and love in the air. Many fans saved their tears for another time, and focused on celebrating the life of Johnny Wactor in the best way that they could by laughing, telling jokes, and sharing fun, warm, and heartfelt stories of him. It was a very sentimental event and a poignant tribute to the late but great Johnny Wactor, who was one of the best-loved actors in recent years on “General Hospital.”
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His funeral/memorial took place on Saturday, June 15th in Summerville, South Carolina, where he grew up, as he was surrounded by family, close friends and fans.
Wactor’s tragic and senseless loss has been felt by his family, friends and the global community of his fans, followers, and supporters. Even in his short life, Wactor leaves behind an extensive body of work as an actor.
Wactor starred as a lead on the NBC primetime TV show “Siberia,” and he played Brando Corbin on long-time running ABC soap opera “General Hospital.” Wactor had a vigor for life, a passion for rock climbing, and the next story to tell. Last summer, he protested daily with his fellow actors in the studios during the SAG-AFTRA strike.
The 2024 Daytime Emmy Awards honored them in their “In Memoriam” segment, and the show “General Hospital” also dedicated an episode in his memory.
This September (of 2024) and next May (of 2025), the charitable organization Samantha’s Friends in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, will be paying a tribute to Johnny Wactor, as he was a vital part of their charity over the years (the service dogs and ambassador Levi loved him as well.) Wactor was scheduled to appear in May of 2025, so that entire event will be in his loving memory.
 Instagram reel clips of “A Mile for Johnny Wactor” in New York:
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