Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Remembering Johnny Wactor: His Last Interview by Markos Papadatos - 8 Things to Know About Him

By Markos Papadatos

Editor's Note: We send our condolences to all of those who knew and loved Johnny Wactor, including our writer Markos Papadatos. Thank you Markos for this interview, which at times is hard to read because he not only was enjoying his life but had so much more to give.

The late Johnny Wactor passed away tragically on May 25, 2024. In this chat with me, he recalled some of his favorite things.

Johnny's Illustrious Career

He played the role of Brando Corbin on the ABC daytime drama "General Hospital." Wactor was known for being a genuine, warm, loving, and kind person. His death shocked not only the daytime community but the global entertainment community, and tributes came pouring in from all over the world.

He also played Johnny on the NBC series "Siberia." Wactor had roles in the series "Army Wives" and the films "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage" and "Supercell." Wactor was shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles, at the age of 37.

While he may have passed away at a young age, he left behind a tremendous legacy and made a positive impact to anyone that has ever met him in life, all of which were enamored by his incredible personality, warmth, and love for humanity. He will be missed dearly by all.

Johnny's Favorite Movies
Wactor’s favorite movie was the Academy Award-winning film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which he described as “fantastic.” He also praised the movie “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” for being “hysterical.”
What He Was Binging
His favorite series to binge was “Bosch” on Amazon Prime, especially because he is a big fan of Titus Welliver.
Johnny was a Fan of Swimming
A former swimming coach, Wactor listed the “butterfly” as his personal favorite stroke. Wactor praised Olympic swimming phenom Caeleb Dressel for being a “beast.”
His Favorite Cheat Meal/Dessert
One of his favorite cheat meals (desserts) included “brownies,” ironically enough from “Effie’s Bistro,” he added (to please this journalist after having several of Effie's brownies).
The Mottos Johnny Wactor Lived By
His favorite mottos to live by were: “get off your butt and work,” as well as “take it easy,” and “take things one day at a time.”
“Also, if you want love, enrich your community,” and “don’t be a victim.”

On the Current Chapter of His Life
When asked about the title of the current chapter of his life, Wactor responded, “The Great Unknown.” “While things are going very well right now, I still think there are many unknowns up in the air,” he noted.
On Destressing
In an effort to unwind and relax, he loved to “rock climb.” “Rock climbing is my biggest passion, and it has been going awesome,” Wactor exclaimed.
How Johnny Defined Success
Wactor defined the word success simply as “being able to live your life happy, joyous, and free.”
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Photo Credit: Paul Smith