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Special Oscars Interview: Female Oscar Winners Da 'Vine Joy Rudolph, Emma Stone, Billy Eilish, Emma Thomas and Jennifer Lame Talk about their 2024 Academy Award Wins and What is Means for Females

By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist
Female filmmakers Jennifer Lame and Emma Thomas and actors Emma Stone and Da'Vine Joy Rudolph and songstress Billie Eilish spoke about their 2024 Academy Award wins at the Oscars Press Room. 
The 96th annual Academy Awards took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. This journalist was credentialed by the Academy and covered the Press Room interviews with this year's winners.
Emma Stone for 'Best Actress'
In an upset win (where Lily Gladstone was the favorite for "Killers of the Flower Moon"), Emma Stone took home her second career "Best Actress" Oscar, this time for playing Bella Baxter in "Poor Things."
She expressed the feeling of shock and surprise after she won this competitive category. “I think I blacked out. I was very shocked, and I still feel like I’m spinning a little bit. It’s a huge honor and I am very surprised," she exclaimed.
Stone also addressed her wardrobe malfunction with her dress when she got up on stage to accept the award. “They sewed me back in, which was wonderful,” Stone revealed.
“I genuinely do think that I busted it during ‘I’m Just Ken.’ I was so amazed by Ryan [Gosling] and what he was doing. That number just blew my mind… and things happen," she acknowledged.
Jennifer Lame for ‘Best Film Editing’
Lame was the first woman to win the “Best Film Editing” Oscar category since 2015 when Margaret Sixel earned the Academy Award for editing the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road.”
On securing this 2024 win for editing the film “Oppenheimer,” Lame said, “This means so much. I have so many female editing heroes, and it means so much to work on a film with so many female heads of department.”
Lame went on to praise Emma Thomas for “leading the charge as a producer,” as well as Donna Langley being the “female head of the studio.” “It means so much to have so many incredible women leading the charge on this film. It feels very important and great,” Lame exclaimed.
Da’Vine Joy Rudolph for “Best Supporting Actress”
Da’Vine Joy Rudolph won the Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actress” for her acting work in “The Holdovers” as a cafeteria manager, who is also a grieving mother.
As an African-American actress, who has spoke about the importance of being seen, she opened up about the significance of being able to pay it forward. “This is imperative because the people who've done it before me allowed me to be in this position now,” she said.
“So, the type of work I do, my strive for authenticity, for quality allows there to be a new standard set where we can tell universal stories in black and brown bodies, and it can be accepted and enjoyed amongst the masses,” she elaborated.
“It's not just black TV or black movies or black people, but instead a universal performance that can be enjoyed by all,” she acknowledged.
Billie Eilish for ‘Best Original Song’
Eilish was the winner of the 2024 Oscar for “Best Original Song” for “What Was I Made For?” which was featured in the “Barbie” movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Eilish shared this award with her brother Finneas O'Connell.
For young people in school that dream of a life in music, Eilish said, “Don’t do it for other people or for numbers or the fame.”
“I want everyone to be doing something that they feel passionate about, and that they feel proud of, and that makes them feel like the best versions of themselves,” she said.
Eilish recalled that she was watching “Matilda” on Broadway, and she hailed it as “amazing.” “Oh my God, I was bawling in the back nosebleeds, and I said, ‘I’m never going to amount to anything because I’m not in ‘Matilda’,” she revealed.
Eilish noted the importance of giving yourself some time, in an effort to do what you love. “I know that’s easier said than done because some of us don’t even know what we love,” she said.
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Emma Thomas — Producer for “Best Picture” of “Oppenheimer”
Emma Thomas is the wife of Christopher Nolan, and she served as a producer of “Oppenheimer,” which took home the Oscar for the prestigious “Best Picture” category. Thomas addressed the importance of supporting women in the entertainment business.
“I think everybody should be supporting women in the industry,” Thomas said. “I'm just saying. We had the most incredible group of women working on this film, and I think that, you know, in -- eventually I think we'll get to the point where we have sort of 50/50 representation across the board.”
“We're not quite there yet, but we're getting there,” Thomas noted. “I think things are getting a lot better than they were, and, you know, I'm very proud to have worked on a film that had so many fantastically talented women on it. And really the way that we do, sort of, bring more women in is to keep hiring and keep supporting. So, yeah, it's an important thing.”

Photo Credit: Disney, Scott Kirkland

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