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Feel Good Interview Series: Martin Kove of ‘The Karate Kid’ ,‘Cobra Kai’ and the Hallmark Movie "A Taste of Love" - 8 Things to Know About Him

By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist
Martin Kove is a true legend in the entertainment industry. He is best known for his iconic portrayal of villainous karate sensei, John Kreese, in "The Karate Kid" trilogy, and the Netflix hit series “Cobra Kai.” With five seasons under its belt, “Cobra Kai” continues to rank as one of the best-performing original series on Netflix. 
Kove shared the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-winning movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." With over 100 movies under his belt, some of Martin's most notable projects include "Rambo II," opposite Sylvester Stallone, and westerns such as “Hard Ground” with Burt Reynolds and the remake of “Gentle Ben.”
Martin also spent six years bringing the role of Detective Victor Isbecki to life in the Emmy award-winning TV series “Cagney & Lacey.” He starred in the new Hallmark romantic comedy "A Taste of Love" opposite Jesse Kove and Erin Cahill, which premiered on February 19.
Martin Kove's Favorite Movies
Martin listed The Wild BunchRed River, and Casablanca as some of his favorite movies of all time. Most recently, he enjoyed Poor Things with Emma Stone.
His Series to Binge-watch
His favorite series to binge include “The Offer” and the Korean drama series “Song of the Bandits.”
Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play
His favorite sports to watch are tennis and golf. “I want to take up golf,” he said. “II can smoke cigars and walk around; it’s like therapy on the green. I never keep score in gold. I just go there for the therapy of it all,” he said.
“I am very much into horseback riding,” he admitted. “When I was a kid, I was into softball too.”
Marin Kove's Favorite Cheat Meal
Regarding his favorite cheat meal, he shared, “I love a good Nathan’s hotdog. I even look for Nathan’s at airports because I travel a lot.”
Favorite Music
On his favorite music, he responded, “Soundtracks are my favorite. I am a big proponent of rock and roll. I love Carrie Underwood, she did an episode of ‘Cobra Kai,’ she is brilliant. When I moved to Nashville, I really got into country and western music. That whole crossover world is very interesting to me.”
The Best thing about Being The Age He is Now
“The fact I can sit back and not concern myself about being in motion,” he admitted. “I can sit back and read, have a good cigar, and ride horses without having to gallop all over. I think age has mellowed me into that perspective.”
His Dream Acting Partner
He listed two-time Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins as his dream acting partner.
On his favorite movies, he said, “The cinema is one of my hobbies. I go back and look at moments of movies that I saw but I didn’t realize. Great moments that directors created.”

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Photo Courtesy of Digital Caviar, Hallmark Media