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Ridgewood Guild Int'l Film Festival Runs April 24-28th, 40 Films, Premieres, Panels, Q & A's, Party and Red Carpet with Special Guests American Idol's Constantine Maroulis and The Santa Clause's David Krumholtz

The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival (RGIFF) is back in person! A half hour outside Manhattan in downtown Ridgewood is the Art Deco Bowtie Cinema, home to the festival for 11 years.

This year see 40 new films, enjoy panels by industry experts, hear inspiring Q & A's, pose for the Red Carpet and on Thursday, meet Constantine Maroulis (American Idol, Rock of Ages)and Actor David Krumholtz (The Santa Clause franchise, Numb3rs, The Deuce).  If you've never been to a film festival or if you're already a fan, this is the perfect festival to partake in. Ticket prices are $12 per night, $8 for students and seniors for each night. There is no charge for the Red Carpet outside the theater.

The RGIFF is an official GOLD Star film festival on Film Freeway and in its 11 years has become recognized for its unique curation of films and attention to the filmmakers. The RGIFF showcases student filmmakers, with several from North Jersey and NYU Tisch. You can see shorts, documentaries, web/new media, animation, features, international content and more. 

The festival takes place at the Bow Tie Cinema Theater ay 190 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ on Wednesday, April 27th and Thursday, April 28th. The After Party - open to anyone - will occur on Thursday night at Bareburger, 15 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood. The party is an additional charge.

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For info, note the website will be updated often until the day of the festival. 

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April 24th:

World Film Night at the Ridgewood Public Library, 125 North Maple Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ:!event/2022/4/24/world-film-night

April 24th:

Online Networking Event - Sunday at 7pm - see the website for details

April 25th:

VFX 101: Introduction to Visual Effects for Filmmakers by Emmy-Award Winning Producer

Live on Monday, April 25th, 8-9pm EST  

Some people new to moviemaking believe that they can’t afford to use visual effects in their independent films.  In truth, they can’t afford not to.  If visual effects are considered early in the process, during development and scriptwriting, they can help a filmmaker avoid very costly shots later during filming.   

This interactive 60-minute seminar presented via Zoom will be educational as well as interesting – and be sure to come armed with questions.  Leading this class is Glenn Allen who has decades of experience making and filming visual effects (VFX).  He is a two-time Emmy® winner for his effects used in Boardwalk Empire, an HBO show set in 1920s Atlantic City.  He also helped edit many of the films directed by Ron Howard, who encouraged Glenn to co-found the visual effects studio Brainstorm Digital.  That company has done the visual effects for countless movies, including two recent Academy Award nominated films, Being the Ricardos and The Trial of the Chicago 7

If you would like to be invited to this free presentation, simply email and the Zoom link will be forwarded to you before the seminar on Monday, April 25th at 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time.    

April 27th:

In person networking event - Wednesday, 5-6pm at the theater

Red Carpet Wednesday - in front of theater

Constantine Moraulis - Courtesy Facebook, RickyGee Photos

April 28th:

Red Carpet Thursday featuring American Idol's Actor and Singer Constantine Maroulis and David Krumholtz (Numb3rs, The Santa Clause, Harold and Kumar) - in front of theater

Actor David Krumholtz

April 27th & 28th:

Over a dozen Q & A's with filmmakers

A Dozen NJ based Filmmakers have films in this festival

International filmmakers in Attendance

40 Films Curated by Local Professionals

Panels by Local Industry Professionals Inside Theater:

April 27th - 8:10 - 8:40pm - Ticketed Event, $12

Larry Confino, PBS Documentarian - He will speak on the topics of renewable energy and sustainability

Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno, Documentarian - She will speak on Socia Justice: Reducing Poverty in Inner Cities

April 28th - 5 - 6pm - Free Event

Todd Etelson - The Actor's Technique Owner, Actor, TV and Film - He will speak on acting, best avenues to become an actor, representation and marketing

Glenn Allen - Producer, Owner, BrainstormDigital production company - Pitching, storytelling and writing

David Krumholtz - Actor, TV and Film, The Santa Clause Franchise, Harold and Kumar, Uber, Numb3rs - will speak on his journey and the industry today


Suzanne Ordas Curry, Producer, Owner, WI PR and Producing - She will talk about knowing your audience, a must for any filmmaker

For more on the Industry Panelists see:

After Party on Thursday after the last film in downtown Ridgewood at Bareburger, 15 East Ridgewood Avenue. There is a separate charge for this, please inquire at the festival.

Shining Vale's Alysia Reiner and The Exes' David Alan Basche
were Special Guests at The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival

LIST OF ALL OF THE FILMS - Please visit the website, call or see the program day of for times.

The Ghost Story - Mia Antaramian 4:29 Ridgewood NJ

Change - Mason Cho 4:57 Ridgewood NJ

Tomato Soup - Ella Novie 5:00 LA Calif

Mooby’s Popup 2001 -  Doc Sophia Haber Brock 10:48 NJ

Hunter -  Michelle J. Tang (Prev) 9:59 Metuchen, NJ

Sonata - Sam Chuck 3:54 NJ

Short - Sam Chuck 4:30 NJ

In Mind - Yuhyeon Byun 4:53 Ridgewood, NJ

Solo - Alice Almiron 4:40 Passaic NJ

Let's Make Some Dope Sh!t -Together Kent Ichikawa 17:59 Cherry Hill, NJ 

Driving Her Away - Maddy Freeman (Prev) 11:01 Short Hills NJ

Hope You Feel Better - Stephanie Ruiz 12:53 Astoria, NY 

Doors - Alisa Rasera-Holden 6:50  1990’s Alameda Calif 

The Morning Breeze - Dom Lampasona 26:00 Cresskill NJ 

Mislead -  Steven Perkins 17:33 Portland OR 

Yesteryear - Joshua M Thomas 9:54 Calif

Retirement 2: Salt on the Road - Joshua M Thomas 16:20 Calif

April Showers - Caytha Jentis 11:39 Ridgewood, NJ/NY 

Don’t Know Jack - Raymond Nowicki 12:30 Ridgewood NJ

The Age of Resiliency - Chris Trembath (Prev) 17:02 Hillsdale NJ

Geisting - Alex Bram 28:42 Calif

Trunk Show - Will Chase 14:00 NY 

Always for the First Time - Victoria Meade & John Caliendo 20:07 Pt Pleasant NJ

342 - Laurie Ziel 13:07 Ocean Gate NJ 

Atomic Cover-Up - Greg Mitchell 52:09 Suffern NY 

Dreamcentered - Maia Buljeta  & Kaija Harrison 9:13 

Canaries in a Cold War - Mathias Magnason 50:00 NY 

It Started With The Heart - Kenneth Heidt, Christopher Lafontant 22:55 NJ

The Dunmore Cemetery Tour - Luz Cabrales 1:01:00 PA 

Musher -  Anuradha Rama & Laurie Little 1:15:00 Chicago IL

Behind Blue Sky - Jesse Bonnell 36:56 NY

Vitriol - Mark Clauburg  25:00 NJ 

Love Forbids You Will Rottweiler & Wendy Leigh 8:14 NJ

The Coronation - Emily Penick 12:00 Florida

The Libby Show: Lunch with the Ladies - Suzanne Ordas Curry 30:00 Mahwah NJ 

A Feast That Never Comes -  Maria Juranic 5:59 NY

The Vagina Musical - Abigail Quinlan & Harriet Taylor 13:59 Ridgewood, NJ/UK 

The Kid - Rodja Martin Troscher 7:09 Germany

There is Exactly Enough Time - Virgil Widrich - Austria

For questions contact Film Festival Co-Directors Dotti Fucito at or Eric McPherson at One can also call Tony Damiano, Guild Executive Director at 201-493-9911. 

The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival Committee members are Co- Chairs Dotti Fucito & Eric S. McPherson, Tony Damiano, Jim Suozzo, RJ Konner, Lynne Clements, Lou Clements, Rahul Bhatia, Rosie McCooe and Trish Manzo. 

The Ridgewood Guild is an organization devoted to revitalizing Ridgewood NJ. It is composed of businesses and individuals. Programs are held throughout the year. For information on the Guild: 

Festival sponsors are TEEEM, Coldwell Banker Realty, and Super Cellars, Park West Tavern, Pearl Restaurant and Bareburger.

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