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The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite and New Christmas Movies: Because We Need a Little Christmas More This Year Than Ever

By Suzanne Ordas Curry with staff

Boy do we need a little Christmas this year, and luckily, the fun has begun! Lifetime and  Hallmark have already started their holiday fare. And I was there, end of October, just waiting for something to take me out of the doldrums of Covid seclusion and election and transport me into a fantasy world of tinsel, cookies and people sitting at a perfectly-decorated holiday table together not worrying about catching a virus as they opened their mouths to eat that freshly-baked gingerbread cookie.

And of course the streamers are chock full of Christmas and holiday movies and specials. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning searching through all the channels marveling at all the Christmas content just ready for me to binge on.

There are lots of types of holiday movies - comedies, romance, fantasy drama, religious, animated and more. And in 2020 thanks to the over prevalence of stations and streaming networks you can find them just about anywhere. Ah, I can remember the days of walking into Blockbuster to rent a copy of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas or Home Alone- actually not the latter because I think every video collection had that movie in it. It was a big deal to pop a movie into the VCR, pop up the corn and sit around and watch it. With your mom and pop.

Today, these movies - content in general - seem to be considered more disposable as there is just so much of it but as a filmmaker I appreciate all the talent and work that goes into making each one of them. So, we should enjoy and savor all of them. Make the joy of these movies part of the season to help transport you away to a world where Covid doesn't exist and hope runs eternal. After all, watching a movie during this pandemic is a "normal" that we can do now just as we did in years past. 

Why not try being a little creative this year? 
Get off the computer one afternoon for two hours with a glass of wine and watch a Lifetime or Hallmark movie. Gather the kids around the TV to watch a classic one night on ABC Family.  Find a rom com Christmas movie on Netflix to watch with your teens on a Friday evening. Do a Zoom party with friends and "win" or "drink" every time you hear "Kevin" in Home Alone, or perhaps "Santa" in almost any movie! Do a Zoom party trivia contest with questions about Christmas movies. Or, dim all the lights, light some candles and transport yourself back in time with a viewing of  It's A Wonderful Life or discover another classic.

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Though our other holiday traditions may be tweaked this year, watching movies as part of the holiday season remains the same. So shut out the rest of the world and let yourself dream and relax and just be if only for a few hours. That is the spirit of the holidays, now more than ever.
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Below we have compiled a guide to where you can find the most Christmas and holiday movies this year. We surfed the web for the best lists or articles (thank you to those writers) with as few popups as possible. Also keep in mind, that during the season you'll find Holiday movies and holiday-themed episodes of your favorite shows popping up on all the major networks and platforms.

The Ultimate Christmas Movie Guide for 2020

"It's a Wonderful Lifetime."

"Countdown to Christmas"

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries:
"The Miracles of Christmas"

Hallmark Movies Now:
"Movies and Mistletoe"

You can get the app and watch anywhere if you don't have cable. As of the posting, a 7 day free trial is offered.

"The 25 Days of Christmas"

Tip: The Holidate was pretty good, but for pure Christmas romcom fun watch Dash and Lily.

Tip: Home of  A Very Brady Christmas




Disney Plus:
Home of Home Alone 1, 2 & 3 Check out their "Happy Holidays" section.

Apple TV:
We are including this because it is where to find Charlie Brown's iconic Christmas cartoon and Mariah Carey's new special

Movies and shows are categorized under "Winter Wonderland".


We are including this platform because if you do not already have a ton of streaming services but want a great variety of Hallmark Christmas movies and other similar type of movies from several channels, you can find them here. As of this printing, a 7 day free trial is offered.


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