Thursday, August 27, 2020

Katonah Classic Stage Film Festival Held as Drive-In: Filmmakers Young and Older From Around the World Present Different Views of our Changing World - Now Set for 8-31

The show must go on! The new local theater for classics Katonah Classic Stage in Katonah, NY (outside NYC ) is presenting its first Film Festival on Friday, August 28, at 8:00pm. This film festival will be shown in in a Drive-in set-up at the Bedford Playhouse in Bedford, NY at 8:30pm. Tickets are available on the website. UPDATE: Due to weather conditions, the festival will be held the same time but on August 31, 2020.

Though Katonah Classic Stage's mission is to present in-person productions of Shakespeare and other classics, because of the pandemic founder actor/director Trent Dawson and his team had to think out of the box. Hence, the KCS Film Festival was born.

KCS received hundreds of entries from all over the world. Entrants were asked to provide films that either featured the classics, were local, or were very DIY. Many of the films, no suprise  had to do with the pandemic. Aside from those related to the classics, they received many films touching upon other issues the world is currently facing.  There were three age divisions as youth were encouraged to participate.

View Trailer for 2020 Katonah Classic Stage Film Festival

Here is a listing of those that were accepted. For more details on each film and Katonah Classic Stage please visit:


Russian Wolf

Directed by Liam Liu Martin NEW YORK, NY


First Day of a Chick

Directed by Anastasia Shinkarenko. UKRAINE

Little Pink Riding Hood

Directed by Alba Cuevas Padules , Milagros Servían Acosta. SPAIN

Amity and Miriam: A Quarantine Special

Directed by: Amity Doyle and Miriam Bertin. KATONAH, NY



Directed by YaoYao Maclean. CANADA

Theatrical Sightings

Directed by Samuel Alexander. KATONAH, NY


Directed by Bella Merlino. AUSTRALIA


Meanwhile in Another Part of the Forrest

Directed by Deb Ethier. CANADA

Maria Rose

Directed by Antonella Barbera , Fabio Leone. ITALY

A1-S2: A Scene from Hamlet

Directed by Ernest M Whiteman III. USA

Hamlet - Dental Drama

Directed by Frederic Lippe. GERMANY

Stay Woke

Directed by Nickson Kamau. UGANDA

Shakespeare in Quarantine

Directed by Nathaniel P Claridad. NEW YORK, NY

The Run

Directed by Tom Schanley. USA

Bard Words

Directed by Paul Kelly. NEW YORK, NY


Directed by Trent Dawson. KATONAH, NY

Baby Fingers

Directed by Adrian Dalen. NORWAY


Directed by Santiago Mouriño , Esteban Podestá. AREGENTINA


Directed by Cameron Dingwall. NEW YORK, NY

Writer/Cinematographer Owen Strock. KATONAH, NY