Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Movie Review: Hallmark's A Perfect Christmas with Susan Abromeit and Dilon Casey: Why Should You Watch This Newlywed Couple Celebrate Their First Christmas?

By Beth Abramson Brier

Name:  A Perfect Christmas

LoglineA newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas try to make everything perfect for their visiting families. 

Starring:  Susan Abromeit as Cynthia Faber; Dilon Casey as Steve Faber and Erin Gray as Patricia Faber.

What's to Like about It 

Cynthia and Steve have such good intentions that I couldn’t help but cheer them along.  As their families arrive one by one for Christmas they are bringing not just their own bags but their own baggage.  It is a heartfelt reminder that “the best laid plans..” 

The subplot involving Steve’s ethical decision is truly welcome in this year of moral vacancy.   Although we never learn the outcome I can only have faith that Steve sleeps better at night.

I was also grateful that (should I ever become one) even a highly judgmental mother-in-law can be won over with popcorn. 

And, oh, those hand-knitted sweaters! 

What's Not To Like about It

Cynthia and Steve wear suits and dresses at home to decorate the tree.  Steve even descends from the attic in a jacket.  Question to self: Do we need to step up our own wardrobe here?

A Perfect Christmas                                                                                    Photo Credit: The Hallmark Channel

The Extra Something 

Be sure not to miss the reference to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” - a little tree just needs a lot of love. 

Did you know that this movie also goes by the title "An Unexpected Christmas?


Did you know that graham crackers can substitute for gingerbread?

Snowflake rating:  4 out of 5
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