Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hallmark Holiday Movie Review: Christmas List with Alicia Witt, Peter Benson - Should it be on your Christmas Bucket List?

By Beth Abramson Brier

Name: Christmas List

Logline:  Isobel, a fashion designer living in San Diego, plans the perfect Christmas holiday in the snowy Northwest with her boss/boyfriend Brett.  When Brett is delayed by a business meeting, Gabriel, the local builder cum volunteer fireman cum toy store owner, is more than happy to help make Isobel’s Christmas “bucket list” dreams come true.   

Starring:  Alicia Witt as Isobel; Peter Benson as the hunky boyfriend who rocks a plaid flannel shirt; and Jamie Houghton as the too wholesome townie. 

What's to Like about it: All of the holiday traditions are wrapped up in this one movie- caroling, ice skating, gingerbread houses, real trees with twinkly lights, mistletoe and the Christmas concert (of course).

Christmas doesn’t need to be so complicated.  Even a child can plan it. (And if that doesn’t work, there is always the consolation prize trip to Hawaii.) 

My best take-away, however, is that you are never too old or too untalented to dance the lead in "The Nutcracker”.

What's Not To Like about it

Jamie steals unwanted two kisses from the otherwise committed Isobel.  We all know how that plays out these days!

The extra something 

That charm bracelet!  Is Gabriel the most understanding man ever?
Do not even attempt to bake your own gingerbread house.  The walls and roof are available pre-made so all you need to supply is icing and candy.

Snowflake rating:  4 snowflakes (the unwanted kisses cost a flake!)

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