Friday, February 26, 2016

View: We Do It Together Formed by Entertainment's Best and Brightest - Taking a Step Towards Representation and Equality For Females in Front of and Behind the Camera in Hollywood

Jersey's Queen Latifah   
Should be called Finally It is Being Done?  A group of notable, talented and high-powered women and men have come together, pooling their talents to form We Do It Together, a non-profit organization with the goal of financing and producing films, TV projects, documentaries and other media "dedicated to the empowerment of women."

In order to do this, the group will raise funds from various sources which will fund a production company to produce films and other media. Sources report that their first project will be announced at Canne.

First Project Announced: Together Now

The Advisory Board for the non-profit is impressive, with women (and men) from both in front of and behind the camera. Here are just a few of the Board members noted so far in press:

Jessica Chastain    From  Facebook
Juliette Binoche 
Jessica Chastain
Queen Latifah 
Frieda Pinto 
Alysia Reiner 
Ziya Zhang 
Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke
Director Hany Abu-Assad
UK Director Amma Asante

Alysia Reiner   From Twitter
Marielle Heller
Henry Louis Gate
Haifaa Al Mansour (Director)
Malgorzata Szumowska (Elles director)
Katia Lung (Director)

The organization is reported to have been formed in response to the studies coming out from well-known universities proving the disparities between women, men and minorities and minority groups.

On of their first steps is that they are scheduled to be a part of the United Nations' 3rd Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit on February 29, 2016. Chiara Tilesi, Founder and Board Member, will discuss the new company's model and mission.

This organization is a step in the right direction and a much-needed step. It is unfortunate that such action has to be taken to even out the field, but this kind of boost is sorely needed. There were more females involved in some of the Oscar categories this year although still a paltry amount and there are more women-powered movies coming down the pike as evidenced by film festivals such as Sundance, but this is just a small step.

The lack of females in Hollywood is a reflection of society. If little girls sitting in their second-grade classrooms want to direct and create movies then their education has to point them towards it. Technology classes need to be filled with girls, not just boys.The old "AV" club needs girls in it. Art classes have to be reinstated rather than moved aside for STEM. School plays need just as much funding as school sports. Career days need to be filled with women in the industry to serve as role models. 

On the plus side, the advent of Youtube and everyone with a camera is turning a large majority of millenials into film makers. It may take a few generations, but with this technology, and with groups such as We Do It Together providing a roadmap, role models and financing, maybe all of this DONE TOGETHER will make a difference.
                                                                                                       written by Suzanne Ordas Curry

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