Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Music App Review: SPEAZIE - Easy To Use, Innovative and Free

Speazie is a free music app  for both Iphone
and Ipad from the Itunes App Store.
                                                       By Shane Curry
The app is called Speazie (speaker + easy?).

This new app is conducive to collaboration between artists and there is a great built in audio player. It is a great platform for collaboration between hip hop producers and rappers. Producers can post their beats, and if the rapper stumbles upon it and like the beat they can record a rap over the beat right from their phone, and this can be done with any beat that is posted whether it be acoustic, hip hop, electronic etc. 

Recording is a breeze with the app, it even has a nice user interface with a graphic of a microphone and a background of a vocal booth/studio. The app is very easy to use and took me about 10 minutes to get the hang of. It is similar to other social networks in that you can follow an artist, and like or comment on specific tracks. 

The app makes the distinction between beats which have no lyrics and a track which does have lyrics. The app is innovative and creative and makes it incredibly easy to find new and upcoming artists. I would highly recommend it to producers and rappers and individual artists as it is so conducive to collaboration. Even though it is focused on the artist, it is still a great app for a listener to browse and find new music with. I would recommend it to any artists looking to collaborate or any listener on the prowl for new music, it's also free. 

Visit www.Speazie.com for info on this free app.

Shane Curry is a DJ and Rutgers University student majoring in Information Technology and Music Production. Visit him at https://soundcloud.com/heritagemusic.

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