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Glee Final Season Recap: Part 1 of Final Episode 2009: Dreams Come True

Glee – 2009: Dreams Come True
by Di's Dish

The series finale of Glee hit all the right notes!  In a brilliant move, the show’s creators went back to the beginning – to the Pilot, that is.  For the first hour of the finale, they created new scenes, which were woven around old storylines.  Some of 
the scenes revealed new information (Figgins actually gave Emma the DVD), and some made reference to what we already knew (Will heads to the locker room to see if any football players signed up).  The new reveals stayed true to the events of the Pilot and enhanced them.  We learn how the Glee club members met and why they auditioned.  From the costumes to the color of Rachel’s slushy to Kurt sweeping aside his hair while hitting that high note to Mercedes’ name at the top of the sign-up sheet, no detail was overlooked. 

It starts off with Will coming home to glue-gun wielding first wife Terry.  The year is 2009 and we switch over to Kurt’s story.  He is depressed, hopeless and the target of bullies.  Emma calls Kurt’s auto mechanic dad Burt for a meeting, and voices her concern while reluctantly enduring the most dirt particles to ever step foot in her office.  Burt commands Kurt to join a team.  Kurt meets Rachel in the lunchroom and she tells him about the new Glee club.  They perform a fantastic duet of “Popular” and Kurt sets his sights on tryouts.  He introduces himself to Mercedes, known for being a star in her church choir, and convinces her to tryout as well.  Kurt nails the audition, as we know, and shares his excitement with his dad.  Although Burt was hoping that Kurt would join a sports team, he supports the Glee club choice.

Next we learn Mercedes’ story.  She feels out of place and lonely at McKinley.  She intends to change that by proving her abilities with Glee.  Rachel strikes up a conversation with Mercedes in the hallway, and a rivalry for the spotlight is born.  Rachel invites herself to see Mercedes sing at church, and she’s clearly moved by her raise the roof performance.  Mercedes is insulted when Rachel puts her in an R&B box, and vows to compete with Rachel every step of the way.

Tina and Artie are introduced as best friends.  They sign up for Glee club tryouts based on a dare.  They surprise each other by showing pluck and talent while on stage.  In the Pilot, Will wrote on a notepad during auditions.  His notes are revealed to us – among them, Kurt is a “sweet kid,” Tina is “angry” and, in a reference to another episode, they’ll need ramps for Artie.  The first Glee club meeting is tense and uncomfortable, and Rachel argues that she deserves the solo.  Will discusses the dilemma with Terry, who dispenses ironic advice.  Give the solo to whoever is the most pathetic, she says, because “it’s much harder to be jealous of someone when you think you’re better than they are – even if they get something that you want.”  If only Terry had a crystal ball at that moment…

Rachel gets a slushy to the face while talking to Will in the hallway about potential male leads.  Mercedes’ frustration quickly mounts when Rachel gets a solo.  In a touching scene, Mercedes’ mom comforts her by dispensing wise and compassionate advice about competitiveness.  Mercedes is a star and with that comes the responsibility of learning how to share the spotlight.  Maybe Rachel simply needs it more right now. Rachel’s ambition will make Mercedes better.  They will become great friends.

Sue receives a fat check from Principal Figgins, funding the purchase of a rare silk trampoline from China.  Figgins emphasizes that the championship Cheerios squad is McKinley’s number one priority.  Sue inquires about the Glee club.  Figgins assures her it’s just a trifling that won’t last and the Cheerios will remain the star performers at MHS.  After their weekly basketball workout, Sue gives Will her negative opinion about the Glee club.  It will foster unrealistic hopes and dreams in the students, she preaches.  Will disagrees, and says the arts are more important than cheerleading.  To say the least, that pushes a button with Sue.  She issues an ultimatum for Will to drop the Glee club or their friendship will cease.  He refuses.  The rest is Glee history. 

As we know from the Pilot, Will decides to leave McKinley for a career as an accountant.  He needs a bigger paycheck since he thinks there’s a baby on the way with scheming wife Terry.  Rachel knows that his departure will derail her plans for greatness and that’s just not acceptable.  She heads to Sheets N Things for a discussion with Terry (with an appearance by Howard, Terry’s much put-upon coworker).  The ensuing discussion between an adult and a teenager who both possess self-serving motives resolves, of course, nothing.  Mercedes and Kurt are in the coffee shop, complaining about the Glee club’s newest member Finn.  They think he’s bossy and they don’t trust his motivations.  Kurt offers his help to Mercedes with making costumes, stating “you can’t go wrong with red and denim.”  Mercedes asks a stranger to pass the sugar, and it’s Blaine, who’s discussing his recent coming out with a fellow Dalton Academy student.  Mercedes decides to call an emergency meeting to discuss ousting Finn.  As they are trading stories about him, it becomes apparent to the group that Finn is a really good guy.  We learn that he wheeled Artie home and apologized to his mom after the jocks had locked Artie in the port-o-potty.  Rachel gives a heartfelt speech about Glee club becoming a safe place where they can be themselves and that it shouldn’t be a place of exclusion.  Everyone votes for Finn to remain. 

Emma goes to bat for Will with penny-pinching Figgins.  Give him a raise, she argues, or the arts will cease to exist at McKinley.  Figgins pulls out the DVD which changes everything – the 1993 Glee club performance at Nationals, featuring a young Will Schuester.  As we know, Emma shows Will the recording and he’s reminded of the happiest time of his life.  An emotional Will steps into the hallway and runs into Sue who, in typical scene stealing fashion, congratulates and insults him all at once.  She is obviously happy that Will is leaving McKinley. 

But wait a minute, what’s that sound?  Cue the tears.  It’s the sound of Glee perfection, clad in red and denim, onstage in the auditorium.  We are about to witness, once again, what is arguably the most organic performance in the show’s history.  It’s the first time we see the incredible chemistry between Rachel and Finn.  And it’s the culmination of five very different yet determined individuals accepting one another, and coming together to make magic.  

Come back to for more gleecaps of the final season.

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