Monday, April 24, 2017

Interview - Loving's Christopher Mann: On Growing Up, Going Places Unplanned and Where He's Headed Next

Interview by Suzanne Ordas Curry

Off the heels of  his role as Theoliver in Loving, which received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations,  Actor Christopher Mann is now appearing in an indie film, But Deliver Us From Evil. His resume is impressive, having appeared on such notable shows as The Wire, House of Cards, many other hit shows and the movie Michael Clayton.

I was thrilled to have the chance to interview Chris when I met him through a film festival and even more thrilled to hear his honest, insightful and experienced answers.

Christopher will be appearing at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival on April 27th. Watch for him soon in the lead role in a biopic of legendary civil rights leader, Cecil B. Moore, in pre-production.

Equity's Alysia Reiner and David Alan Basche to Appear at Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival April 26: Red Carpet and Movie Screening

Alysia Reiner and husband David Alan Basche will appear at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival on Wednesday, April 26th at the Ridgwood Bow Tie Cinema in Ridgewood, NJ. Alysia and David will be there for a special screening of the movie Equity, which they both star in and are producers of.

The Red Carpet is outside the theater and runs from 6-7pm. The Red Carpet is free. To see the movie Equity which plays at 7:40pm. a ticket costs $10 and can be purchased at the door. There will be a special Q and A after the movie with Alysia, David and others from the film.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Equity's Sarah Megan Thomas to Appear at Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival

Sarah Megan Thomas, producer and star of Equity the Movie, will be appearing on the Red Carpet at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival at the Ridgwood BowTie Cinema on  Wednesday, April 26th from 6- 7 pm. She will be there for a screening of her movie, Equity, and will be part of the Q and A following the movie. The theater is located at 190 W. Ridgwood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ.

The movie will screen as part of the festival at 7:40 pm. There is no charge for the Red Carpet. There is a $10 tickets charge to get into the festival which is an all-access pass for the whole night of films, features and music. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Event:Tainted Dreams Comes to the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival, Cast and More on Red Carpet include Austin Peck, Tonja Walker, Terri Conn, Erik Ransom

(Press Release) Coming to the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival on Wednesday, April 26th is the soap within a soap, Sonia Blangiardo's Tainted Dreams This immensely popular Amazon Series will be shown at 7:10 pm at the Ridgewood Bowtie Cinema, 190 Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ (half hour from NYC) as part of the growing festival. One episode will be shown and there will be a Q and A with the actors immediately following.  

Event: Emmy Winner/Soap Icon Martha Byrne to Conduct Workshop about Getting Into Show Business at Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival

Martha Byrne to Present Free Workshop at Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival April 26th:
How To Avoid the Sharks and Get into Show Business-
Will Also Appear on the Red Carpet 

(Press Release)  Actress/Producer/Writer Martha Byrne, a three-time Daytime Emmy Winner, will be conducting a special workshop at the RIdgewood Guild International FIlm Festival on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 from 5:00 - 5:45pm at the Ridgewood BowTie Cinema, 190 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ. The title of the interactive workshop will be "How To Avoid The Sharks and Get Into Show Business." In the presentation Martha will speak to parents and children about what she has learned and what can be the path to success. The presentation is a must for anyone wanting to be an actor or actress. The presentation is free to the public. 

Martha Byrne is most well-known for her role as Lily (and Rose) Snyder on As the World Turns for over two decades. She has also had a role on General Hospital and was a writer for The Bold and The Beautiful. She is also a producer, having produced a short film starring Malin Ackerman, the webseries Gotham and the pilot Weight, the latter two of which she also starred in. She  has appeared in numerous movie and TV roles. Most recently she appeared in NBC's Crisis.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Review: Winner of the Prix de la Mis en Scene at the Cannes Film Festival, Olivier Assayas Delivers a Haunting Horror/Thriller in his Kristen Stewart Starrer PERSONAL SHOPPER.

Personal Shopper Review by Landon Funk

There is something so beautiful about going to see a film without knowing anything about it. I think that part of the problem with today’s film consumption culture is that we love to know the ending before we see the film. Whether that be through a review in Entertainment Weekly or a brief skim of Wikipedia while in line to buy a ticket, we want instant gratification.

But that is not what film is, and I had the pleasure of revisiting this antiquated, superior idea on Monday evening when I settled into my dead center of the room seat after purchasing a ticket to see PERSONAL SHOPPER at Nashville’s The Belcourt Theater.

There were about five other people in the theater with me, all of whom looked to be Vanderbilt grad students who had nothing better to do on a Monday night. As the opening credits started to roll, I realized that I was about to watch a French film that just happened to star Kristen Stewart. Even more surprising is that PERSONAL SHOPPER won the Prix de la Mis en Scene at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016- it was awarded to director Olivier Assayas.

New Jersey's Benzel-Busch Motor Car Dealership Launches Its First-Ever Luxury Publication – Highways

Benzel-Busch Motor Car of Englewood NJ has launched a new publication called Highways. This full - color luxury magazine is now available online and in print. It will be published two times a year, With beautiful photography throughout, whether you are in the market or just dreaming about it,  readers will be able to learn more about luxury cars, destinations and products. The publication contains advertisers from North Jersey but if you are interested in luxury, it will appeal to readers all over the world. To access the magazine click here:

Here's more information:
(Press Release) - MOD Media in partnership with Benzel-Busch Motor Car, New Jersey's premier dealer of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and smart, will launch its first-ever, premium luxury lifestyle publication for unique perspectives and discerning tastes. Highways is an extension of the coveted Benzel-Busch ideals, which has been defining how the metropolitan area drives for nearly half a century. Highways will allow readers to embark upon a sophisticated journey that extends beyond the drive in pursuit of the finer things in life.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Stories to Inspire: Bergen County CASA for Children Holds Casino Night- Bet on the Children, Mark and Debbie Levy to be Honored

(Press Release): Hackensack, NJ  Have some fun and benefit children in foster care at the same timeCASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for Children of Bergen County is holding its 12th annual event, Casino Night: Bet on the Children on April 27,  2017 from 6:30pm to 10:30pm at Seasons, 644 Pascack Road in Washington Township, NJ.  

Mark and Debbie Levy are
the 2017 Angel Award Recipients
from Bergen County CASA
Bergen CASA is a non-profit that trains and then provides volunteer advocates for children in foster care in Bergen County, the children in our own county that have been so abused and neglected that they have been removed from their homes and placed in foster care. The event takes place in April because it is Child Abuse and Prevention Month. Tickets are $135. Included in the ticket price is a wide array of hors d’oeuvres, food stations and desserts, open bar and $100 in casino play money. There will also be basket raffle, silent auction with mobile bidding and other games in addition to exciting casino-style play throughout the evening. To purchase a ticket, please visit the website, or call 201-336-7520 for tickets and information. Donations for the evening's auctions and raffles are always welcome.  If interested in donating an item or service, please contact Event Chair Leslie Konikow at

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival Starts April 24 - Red Carpet Features Alysia Reiner, Martha Byrne, Sarah Megan Thomas, Christopher Mann, Soap Stars and More, Watch Features, Animation, Student Films, Foreign and Hear Live Music

(Press Release) Ridgewood, NJ  - Soaps, Stocks, Students and Suspense highlight the lineup for this year's  Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival  which runs  Monday, April 25th  to Thursday, April 27th in downtown Ridgewood, NJ. This year's film festival promises to be bigger and better than before with celebrities coming out for the Red Carpet, a world premiere, a musical performance, an acting workshop by an Emmy winner, and local student films. 

Films run on Tuesday night (Foreign films only) Wednesday night and Thursday night. Foreign Film NIght is at the Ridgewood Public Library on Ridgewood Avenue and is FREE. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings the films are show at the Bow Tie Cinema on Ridgewood Avenue and the cost is $10 per evening, which gets you into any of the screenings that particular night. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Music: Meet Libby Kallins of Zoochie and Mellow Out with Her Original Song Aphrodite

There's more music out there to find and enjoy then ever before.  I had the opportunity to interview Libby Kallins of Zoochie, a student at Rutgers University. Libby's got some tunes out on her own, and is now concentrating on being the lead vocalist of Zoochie. Libby writes many of her songs and collaborates on the music. This talented Gen Z has  a soulful sound with looks reminiscent of Stevie Nicks.

I found out about Aphrodite and just loved it. Her band Zoochie has more of a rock vibe, sometimes with a little Latin influence, but no matter the genre expect her voice to carry the music.

SBTS: Tell me about your song Aphrodite. What is it about?
Libby Kallins: Aphrodite was based around the idea that love can come in any kind of form. When you’re feeling lost or alone there is always love around you whether or not it is from family, friends, significant others, or just small acts of kindness that are happening constantly. 
          Listen here for Aphrodite: 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Alec Baldwin Signs Copies of His New Book Nevertheless, Says Favorite Chapter was Definitely "The One About His Wife"

                                                                            By Suzanne Ordas Curry 
Hot off the presses and hot off his performances on SNL and his tour for Boss Baby, actor/writer/icon/the immortal Alec Baldwin visited the small suburb outside of New York City of Ridgewood, NJ, to sign copies of new new memoir, Nevertheless. 

Bookends on Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ is often a stop on A-listers book tours, and this one came the day after his book dropped. About 200 people were able to purchase a book prior to be able to have him personally sign their book.

Movie Review: Scarlett Johansson Might Sell Tickets but Nothing Can Save the Atrocity that is Rupert Sanders’ GHOST IN THE SHELL

Review by Landon Funk

I always knew that the gender gap in Hollywood was absolutely ridiculous, but it was not until I started to write for this blog that I realized how truly horrendous it is. Films by women about women are almost impossible to find, and, as of right now, it seems that leading ladies seem to be prevalent but the people who make the films are almost always men. Come on, Hollywood, step up your game.

This week, I scoured for a film to watch that had even the smallest thing to do with women. GHOST IN THE SHELL was quite literally the only film that met this category, and I had read reviews in Variety, The New York Times, and Entertainment Weekly that just destroyed the movie for whitewashing and bad writing. In fact, this film was recognizably so bad after its opening weekend that when my friend and I went up to buy our tickets, the guy at the kiosk next to us saw what we were seeing and said, “You know that it is supposed to suck, right?” “We know,” my friend and I responded flatly.

Although GHOST IN THE SHELL did not meet its projected box office numbers, the theater that we were in was packed, nearly every seat was filled with popcorn-eating comic book nerds. It is safe to say that my friend and I were woefully out of place. As the credits started to roll, it was obvious that android birthing sequence had been taken from HBO’s hit WESTWORLD.

Review: Nevertheless by Alec Baldwin - A Look Back at his Life, The Culture, and What He Found in the Rabbit Hole

                                                                                                                                                                     Review by Suzanne Ordas Curry

Why I liked this book: Alec Baldwin, born as Xander Baldwin is a bit older than me, but we're in the same range. He grew up in a suburb outside of New York City like me. I did not think of the similarities until I began to read the book. The geographic culture is the same, but also is the pop culture we grew up in.

Alec begins the book by saying the he wrote it, simply, because he was paid to write it, which he also says was his motivation with many other things he did.

I think that when one is their forties, but really fifties, if they have lived that long and lived well, they ask that question,  "How did I get here?" And that is the question Alec answers with honesty and insight in this memoir. He may not have sought out to be introspective I mean who has the time to be with so much going on in one's life like he does- but the book forced him to.

He says in the preface that when he looks at his life, he deduces that he ended up in "the rabbit hole", He cites this as  a  "bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate from."

Friday, March 31, 2017

Movie Review: Life - No Matter How Incredible Rebecca Ferguson’s Performance Was, Daniel Espinosa’s Sci-fi Thriller LIFE Has Anything But

Life    From IMDB
Review by Landon Funk

I honestly do not know what I expected. After seeing the trailer for LIFE nearly a year ago, I remember thinking, “Wait, is this not the plot of ALIEN?” I was upset and felt ripped off by major studios. Unlike the usual blockbuster garbage that is based off comic books, this was a film that was not even trying to hide that it was a rip off from Ridley Scott’s science fiction masterpiece. Nevertheless, I went to go see LIFE because I had faith in writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, two lads whose claim to fame is their fantastic script for DEADPOOL. Also, I was taken aback that up-and-comer Rebecca Ferguson received second billing after Jake Gyllenhaal and before Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. How could someone who has only had small parts receive such a massive part accompanied by a multimillion dollar paycheck?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Justin Beiber Helps out NJ Animal Shelter: Makes Surprise Appearance at Tribe Body Dance Benefit

Bieber cane to NJ to help animals. Photo from Twitter
Icon Justin Bieber gave a little help to a friend by appearing at a benefit for the Ramapo Bergen Animal  Refuge annual benefit named "A Cause for Paws" held at Tribe Body Dance Studio in Ramsey, NJ. 

The widely-recognized singing sensation was ushered in secretly and surprised everyone, though the owner of Tribe Body Dance Studio found out he was coming earlier in the day. He sat in the front row. By the time the benefit was over, news had already spread and a crowd of Beliebers had already formed outside the studio.

For full story click here;

For info on the studio visit: For information on the animal shelter, which has dogs and cats waiting for good homes, visit:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Complete List of Daytime Emmy Nominations 2017: Outstanding Digital Daytime Nominations Include The Bay, Red Bird, Tainted Dreams, Tough Love and Venice The Series

The 2017 Daytime Emmy Award Nominations have been announced and congratulations go out to all of those behind the scenes and in front of the cameras that are responsible for the high level of entertainment and quality that the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognizes.

We would especially like to recognize the nominees in the digital programming categories, and thank the NATAS for recognizing their work. This year, many of the shows, that used to be just on Youtube, can also be found on Amazon. For those new to watching shows on Amazon, there is an amazing amount of good content out there for you to discover, in many genres.

So, drumbeat please, here are the nominees for Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series:

The Bay The Series Amazon Executive Producers Gregori J. Martin, Wendy Riche, Kristos Andrews, Co-Executive Producers Anthony Aquillino, Michael W. Ferro Jr., Carol C. Hedgepeth Supervising Producer Nadine Aronson Supervising Producer Jared Safier Producers Matthew Ashford, Devin Devasquez, Mary Beth Evans, Celeste Fianna, Kira Reed Lorsch, Ronn Moss, Eric Nelsen, Sainty Nelsen, Karrueche Tran, Meadow Williams Line Producer Chrystal Ayers

Red Bird Amazon Executive Producer Misti Boland, Alexandra Goodman, Jeremy Osbern, Ian Stark Producer Chris Blunk Director Misti Boland Writers Misti Boland, Jeremy Osbern T

Tainted Dreams Amazon Executive Producer Sonia Blangiardo Story Producer Brandon Goins Consulting Producers Mark Costello, Rob Santeramo, Candy Straight Senior Producer Teresa Cicala Coordinating Producer Robert Levinstein

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review of Beauty and the Beast: Emma Watson Leading the Way for Disney’s New Feminist Heroines

Review by Kelly Byrne

Stunning Emma Watson                        Credit: Disney
After almost a year long marketing campaign, there were two popular and opposing sentiments surrounding Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast: excitement and indifference. The latter comes as no surprise since Princess movies tend to target specific audiences, namely daughters and their parents. Many who grew up with the 1991 animated film questioned the necessity of this live-action addition; what would director Bill Condon add that Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise failed to incorporate in the original?  

Having grown up during the Disney renaissance, during which period such movies as Tarzan, Mulan, Hercules, Pocahontas, and The Lion King among many others were produced, I consider myself to be fairly brain-washed by Disney.  I therefore forwent my St. Patrick’s Day plans and checked into the Arclight in Santa Monica to watch what I hoped would be an exciting and fresh take on a classic story.  And like most things ‘Disney,’ I was not disappointed. 

Amazon Series Tainted Dreams - The Story of a Soap within a Soap Nominated for Five 2017 Daytime Emmys

Tainted Dreams, the soap within a soap that is reeling in the viewers on Amazon, has received 5 daytime Emmy nominations. They are as follows:

Michael Lowry nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Digital Daytime Series
Kelley Menighan nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Digital Daytime Series
Natalia Livingston nominated for Outstanding Supporting or Guest Actress in a Digital Daytime Series
Anthony Wilkinson nominated for Outstanding Supporting or Guest Actor in a Digital Daytime Series
and Tainted Dreams for Outstanding Digital Series

Tainted Dreams, which was created and written by writer/director and current Director at Days of Our Lives Sonia Blangiardo, is based on what she has witnessed during her decades of work behind the scenes on numerous soap operas. And that includes intrigue, romance, treachery.. the whole kit and caboodle And it's acted out by real daytime actors, the ones you loved or still love watching everyday, with some faces from the stage and reality added to the mix. Though Tainted Dreams is known as a a soap, as it is a digital show viewers will see more than just the usual soap fare. Sonia stated, "No matter how many times you go through this process and even though I am looking at my Emmys right now, it is still a very surreal and priceless moment when you hear the nominations.  I couldn't be prouder of this team and I am thrilled for my ultra talented cast."

To view Tainted Dreams visit: or

Monday, March 20, 2017

Rating Films: The Woman-O-Meter Seeks to Rate Films and Programming on Different Female Variables

It has been very hard to have a conversation about film the past few years, and especially in 2016, without having the "female" aspect of it come into play.

More reviewers are now looking into and at the female aspects of a film or any production, whether it be behind the scenes or in front of the camera. Also including in this is the subject matter and the way women are portrayed in the film or content.

As a producer, I am always looking for projects created by women and featuring women in positive roles. I know other producers looking at potential projects in the same light and realized that right now there is no
"rating system" taking into account these types of variables.

On this website we would like to introduce a new rating system to see how the movie (or other content) scores in relationship to many variables about women. We are calling it the Woman-O-Meter.

From this point on we will use a Woman-O-Meter to rate films on several criteria. To score one point (a pump) on the Woman-O-Meter one would have to have or be:

1. One or more producer, Executive Producer, Associate or Co-producer that is female
2. A female director
3. A strong female lead
4. A strong female lead that acts as a positive role model in some way/makes good decisions
5. One or more females that are over 40 in the cast
6. One of more females in the cast that are over a size 8
7. A movie about women you would be proud to or want to bring your daughter to see
8. A movie that has at least one minority woman in it, either by race or orientation
9. A movie that has deals with a topic that is specific to women, or something that women have to deal with often
10. A movie about a female that faces some kind of discrimination or problem in life and clearly seeks to triumph over it or successfully triumphs over it

Review: Before I Fall Movie: Ry Russo-Young's Coming of Age Thriller Evolves From Horrendous to Engrossing with a Noteworthy Performance by Zoey Deutch


I will be honest. I went into BEFORE I FALL with extremely low expectations. Based off of Lauren Oliver’s novel of the same name, the film had an absolutely horrendous marketing campaign with an anything but climatic trailer and little to no promoting commercials or billboards. But, quite truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised by Ry Russo-Young’s BEFORE I FALL.  After I snuggled into my purple socks and snapped open the snuck-in can of Dr. Pepper, I settled into my seat in the dead center of the theater. There were only two other women in the theater, and each of us was spread out far enough to not even be in the same eye sight as the other two. The opening credits started to roll, opening with loud pop-rock over beautiful scenes of the pacific northwest. BEFORE I FALL follows a high-school girl named Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch), a popular girl that is part of a MEAN GIRLS-esque clique, and her life on February 12 aka “Cupid Day.” At her school, students anonymously send each other roses, and the girls with the most roses are the most popular ones. As the day progresses, Samantha and her friends gossip, pick on a “crazy” girl named Juliet, prepare to swipe their V-cards, and go to party. The twist? Samantha and her friends are in a horrible car accident on their way home from the party, essentially halting time for Samantha as she is forced to relive Cupid Day over and over again GROUNDHOG DAY style.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New Jersey Performing Arts Center Celebrates Women's History Month 2017 with Art Exhibit by Jersey Artists: Women in the World: A Visual Perspective

In recognition of Women's History Month, The NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark is running a free art exhibit featuring art by NJ artists. This display is free to the public.

Press Release - New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Association with Women in Media Newark Presents an Innovative Art Exhibit “Women in the World: A Visual Perspective” Curated by renowned New Jersey artists Gladys Barker Grauer and Adrienne Wheeler. The exhibit will be on display at NJPAC’s Victoria Theater Lobby from March 1 – 31 and is FREE to General Public prior to all Performances.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hollywood Awards Season 2016 - The 18th Annual WIN Awards Ceremony: Anne Archer, Carrie Fisher and Karen Sharpe-Kramer Honored

Kat Kramer stands with Honoree Karen Sharpe-Kramer,
Honoree Anne Archer and Marisol Nichols
On a rainy night in LA- yes the worst storm in a decade- the 18th Annual WIN Awards (Women's Image Network) took place at the prestigious Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Though some attendees trickled in a little late and a little wet, all but a few made it to this awards ceremony which recognizes the artistic and humanitarian contributions of females in entertainment.

The Red Carpet was abuzz with the nominees, astounding women who deserved to be nominated for their achievements over the past year or in their lifetimes. Gracing the Red Carpet were many of the nominees, not just actresses but writers, producers and directors as well. For a full list of the nominees visit:

Jean Smart on the Red Carpet at the WIN Awards                     Photo Suzanne Ordas Curry

The cocktail party in the main room started at 6pm and ended as the ceremony started. Guests dined on heavy appetizers including many Asian foods. The spicy sausage was especially good.

Suzanne Sena was the master of ceremonies for the night, and nominees and other familiar faces acted as presenters. John Brotherton (Fuller House,  One Life to Live) was the only male presenter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The 18th Annual WIN Women's Image Awards: Recognizing Achievement of Women Behind, In Front of the Screen and in Life: Anne Archer to be Honored

What are the Woman's Image Awards? At a time when women are in the news, making a very large noise about what they want and what they do, the Woman's Image Awards has been honoring women in entertainment, politics and the humanities for decades. Beginning in  1993 they have been recognizing the achievements of females in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Started by actress and film maker Patricia Stuart the goal was to recognize and honor women who create positive and dimensional images for and of females.

Every year they honor deserving females for accomplishments in front of the camera, behind the screen or outside of the studios.. Past recipients include Abigail Disney, Cecilia DeMille Presley, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Senator Barbara Boxer, Maria Arena Bell, Elizabeth Guider, Lauren Shuler Donner and many others. This year's Humanitarian Honoree is actress and activist  Anne Archer. This Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner is a past Ms. Magazine Woman of the Year and also founder of Artists for Human Rights who spends her time

The Unity Award this year goes to Karen Sharpe-Kramer, an actress, producer and philanthropist who seeks to inspire young filmakers through her philanthropic efforts, which includes the Stanley Kramer Library which she created with her husband, Stanley Kramer. She was also producer of the classic and groundbreaking film Guess Whose Coming to Dinner.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Obsessed with La La Land: Top Five Fan Videos You Will Want to See

                                                                                                                                                                            By Suzanne Ordas Curry
If you're like me and you love La La Land, you want more. There's several good videos on Youtube that will put a smile on your face and satiate that need for more music and details about the movie. After foraging through Youtube, here's my Top 5 La La Land videos you might want to see. I am not including those made as a promotion for the movie. Those are great too but these are just fan videos.

#1 All time Favorite: Somewhere in the Crowd by Atawat Paurueng

 Why: The first time I watched it, like everyone else,I noticed scenes that were not in the movie. Little disappointed to see they were not outtakes, but they were from another video.

Then, if you want to know where those scenes came from, watch this one: Anna by Arcade Fire. Emma is wonderful in this, and as they say, "it's got a catchy beat and you can dance to it."
Here's Anna written by Will Butler of Arcade Fire

#2. La La Land Goes to the Big Apple by Katie Oxman and Joel Chambers

Why: There are a few re-creations, most well done, of "Lovely Night" but I like this one because it's done in NYC.

Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival 2017 Kicks off with Oscar-Themed Fundraiser: Come as Your Favorite Actor or Dress for the Red Carpet

The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival is holding its first ever Oscar Party Fundraiser. The event will be held at Park West Loft at 38 Oak Street in Ridgewood from 7:30pm to 11:30pm on Friday, February 24th. The public is invited.
The party will have an Oscar theme and attendees can walk the Red Carpet

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Authors Alec Baldwin, Deepak Choprah, Katey Sagal, Dance Moms' Maddie Zieigler Come to NJ - See Them at Bookends and Other Venues

Ridgewood, NJ - Long live the local bookstore! Bookends in Ridgewood is hosting a variety of authors over the next few months. Meet Soap Star Eric Braeden from The Young and The Restless, Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler and Superior Donut's Katey Sagal. You will catch me there to see Alec Baldwin, who is not only a prolific impressionist as of late but shows he is a prolific author as well.

I highly recommend these book signings for two reasons. One is that the authors often talk before hand and the room is not that crowded so you can see and hear them. Photography is allowed. Secondly, you are not rushed. Most often when you meet the author you are allowed to say a few words to them and also someone you know or a bookstore employee will snap a photo with you and that person. 

Please note that for some of these authors there are special instructions.and they are not al at the bookstore. Please scroll down for all the authors and details.

Visit the site at for more information or to pre-order. Some events do get sold out.Please note that  Each person attending must purchase one or more books.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oscar Nominations for 2017 Revealed: Is Your Fave on the List?

They're out. The Oscar nominations for the 89th Annual Awards Ceremony for 2017 are out, and LaLa Land tops the list. How many of these films have you seen? If you haven't seen them all, theaters often run the contenders again so look for them in your local theater and at the same time support the theaters. There's nothing like watching a movie in a real theater. Read the list here;

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RHONJ Dina Manzo Has Acting Debut in New Amazon Series Tainted Dreams: Cast Includes Reality and Soap Stars

Dina Manzo and Anthony Wilkinson star in #Tainted Dreams
RHONJ Dina Manzo has another show on her IMDB profile, a soap. Dina appears in Tainted Dreams, a continuing drama now streaming on Amazon. Tainted Dreams is the brainchild of Sonia Blangiardo, who has been behind the scenes in the land of soaps as a director for decades. Tainted Dreams chronicles the behind-the-scenes happenings of a soap opera, Painted Dreams - and if you think the on-screen happening are interesting there's even more drama behind the cameras.

Dina called her appearance, "my little acting debut among all these soap pros." Indeed, she is in the cast with iconic players from daytime, Alicia Minshew, Austin Peck, Terri Ivans, Walt Willey, Grant Aleksander, Michael Lowry, Kelley Hensely, Bobbie Eakes, Colleen Zenk, Natalia Livinston, the late Larkin Malloy, Jaimes DePaiva, Ilene Krsten, Nathan Purdee, Tonya Walker and Marie Schulenberg. Rounding out the cast is Anthony Wilkinson of  the My Big Gay Italian Wedding franchise and Big Brothers/wrestling's Jessie Godderz and others.

In her exclusive promo for the show she talks about "how she always wanted to be an actress." She also states how "it's a very different dynamic" versus being on a reality show, when the cameras are following you around. In this show, the Manzo surname is gone. She's a DiGiacomo!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: La La Land Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling: Simply a Delight for the Eyes and Ears

I had to see what all the rave was about regarding La La Land.

I went to see it, and I can't get the song "City of Stars" out of my head.

If you are a fan of romance, jazz, Emma or Ryan, musicals, or movie nostalgia, go see this move. It's also a movie for dreamers, if you have a dream in your heart that you know can come true there's meaning in this for you.

Here's what I liked about this film, no what I loved:


I am not a huge fan of musicals except for those everyone knows, like Grease, Hair Spray, High School Musial, etc. but this made me like musicals again. Not too much music, in fact I would have been happy with more.

The opening sequence of this movie set the tone. This is a spoiler right now. I was mesmerized by the drivers dancing on top of and besides cars on a California highway. If that is how the movie opened and there was something better to come, then they set the bar high. And it did not disappoint.

Upon seeing the movie for the third time, you will get a new appreciation for the choreography in each musical scene, as well as the nostalgic touches in the "Lovely Night" scene.

To view the Trailer:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Go Behind the Scenes of a Soap with TAINTED DREAMS on Amazon - Features Alicia Minshew, Austin Peck & Other Iconic Daytime Talent plus From RealityTV Dina Manzo, Jessie Godderz

A Soap Fan's Dream - New Series Tainted Dreams Premiering on Amazon 12-26 -16
Tells the Story Behind the Scenes of A Soap Opera: Cast Includes Iconic Daytime Talent from All Networks and Reality Stars

NEW YORK CITY,  December 18, 2016 – Tainted Dreams, the Emmy-nominated web series about the "behind the scenes" drama of the fictitious soap Painted Dreams will start streaming on Amazon on December 26, 2016. Tainted Dreams (#TaintedDreams) will be available free, even for non-subscribers (without ads for prime members and with ads for non-prime subscribers).  Tainted Dreams is produced by NYC Brand Productions which includes the critically acclaimed film Equity’s Executive Producer, Candy Straight.  Visit for more info. View the Sneak Peak Trailer here:

Friday, December 16, 2016

Females in Entertainment Interview: Producer/Actress Sarah Megan Thomas of Backwards and Equity Movie Can You Have it All?

Females in Entertainment Interview: Producer/Actress Sarah Megan Thomas of Backwards and Equity Movie  Can You Have it All?                             By Suzanne Ordas Curry

Sarah Megan Thomas of  Equity and Backwards
Sarah Megan Thomas is an actress, writer and producer whose second film, Equity, a financial thriller rolled out in theaters nationwide this past year and is now available on DVD.

Aside from the suspense and storyline of this timely drama, Equity is known as being a film written, directed, starring, and produced mainly by women. In Equity it’s the females that call the shots.

Prior to Equity, Sarah produced and starred in Backwards, a movie about a subject near and dear to her heart, rowing.

But how did Sarah go from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Hollywood? In this interview Sarah talks about her beginnings, and what it’s like being a female and a mom in entertainment.

Suzee: So let’s start at the beginning. When did you first realize the field of entertainment might be for you?

Sarah Megan Thomas: It’s so funny cause I feel like I have wanted to do it since I was born, I don’t really remember the genesis. I do remember my dad made me and my sister play the piano for many years. And remember putting on Les Miserables with my sister in our living room, playing various roles. That was the beginning and end of my singing career because I’m a horrible singer! Just always wanting to create and perform. My parents were like “that’s nice she’ll outgrow it”. I come from two lawyers, very practical. So they said “not until after college, you have to wait till after college to pursue it.”

They thought maybe I would stop, and I was a theater major, they were always supportive. After college they said, ‘Well, I guess she’s really going to do this.”

Sarah Megan Thomas,  Roe Hartrampf and Samuel Roukin behind the scenes at the making of Equity