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Review: The Friends Central Perk Pop-up Cafe - Should You Go With YOUR Friends?

The Central Perk Cafe is open until 10/17/14     Photos Suzanne Ordas Curry
Review by Suzanne Ordas Curry

In one word, Yes.

But not on a weekend.

I waited two and a half hours, albeit just how long the line control people told me the wait would be from a corner two blocks away, Was it worth the wait?

One of the line control guys and gals (all were decked out in "How You Brewin?" ) shirts told me that during the week the lines so far were maybe under a half hour. But today, he said, "New York City, Saturday, Free Attraction? This is what you get!"

I saw people - that were obviously not Friends superfans - leave the line. Even after repeated questioning from my family, I would not leave.

The Friends Couch minus the Friends                                                                             Photo by Suzanne Ordas Curry
I smile at the thought of the Holiday Armadillo, or Monica's dreadlocks. I frown at the "We were on a break" breakup. I feel wispy over Monica's proposal or Ross' mis-speak of "Rachel" at his English wedding. The hundreds of people who waited, these were my peeps.

I have to say the line control staff was excellent. It's New York, so of course people tried to cut in the line. The line started on one side of one block, crossed a street, turned a corner on that same block, and then turned a corner to the front of the Central Perk Cafe. Whenever there was a break ( no pun intended), even if it was across a busy downtown NY street, the line monitors would not let anyone unfamiliar break in. Some pretty girls tried and failed,. However, if the Brewin' guys didn't get them the fans ratted them out.

So, was it worth the wait?

The front of Central Perk, bouncers and all
Well, as soon as I saw the front of the building, I knew it would not be exactly what I was expecting. On the show one can see in through the window streetside. On this building one could not.

ONLY IN NEW YORK: In the front of Central Perk, there was a commotion going on. The buzz? Someone had waited in line over 2 hours thinking it was the line for the new IPHONE _______________________________________________________________________________

What I was expecting was a duplication of the TV set. If you are expecting an exact duplication of that you will not get that.  The couch was not parellel to the front of the cafe.  It was off to the side. There were no tables behind to the left or the right of the couch. Behind the couch was a cardboard replication of what was behind the couch on the show.

People were able to sit on the couch and get their photos taken. I have to say, that there was a large group of friends getting their photos taken and when they sat down it was pretty cool. I can see that perhaps they did not put the couch in front of the window because there might have been a glare from the window, but the window was covered.

Overall, the cafe had the vibe of Central Perk, but it was not an exact replica. It has some interesting things to look at, like mannequins wearing clothes the characters wore, scripts and other props from the show. I got to see Science Boy up close.

They were giving out free Eight O'Clock coffee. The line outside was long but the line to get the coffee was not.

There was a line to buy branded items. One had to go out of the cafe and get on another line for that. After two and a half hours of waiting, I figuree my coffee cup and photos were souveniers enough.

I heard from one of the line guys that Gunther was there for a few days. That would have been cool to see him. But it was still cool overall to be standing in Central Perk.

So yes, it was worth the wait.

Here's my song, to the tune of the theme song.

No one could've told me it would ever be this way.
That Central Perk, that place, would be in New York today
Just when we thought we'd only see it in reruns
Well the 8 O'Clock Coffee folks have made it lots of fun

So, It'll be here for you.. Until October 18th

So, It'll be here for you.. Until October 18th
So, It'll be here for you.. Until October 18th
bambadadadadadadada dum

Hint: If you are not a true fan and don't need to get in, there are several windows for photo opps that you can do without being on the line. If you walk past the entrance you can also see inside. But don't try to walk in, you won't be "doin" too good!

For more info visit: http://www.eightoclock.com/friends/

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