Friday, September 19, 2014

NJ Resident and Former Jet Damien Woody Featured on NBC's Biggest Loser

Damien Woody from the Jets to the Biggest Loser Competition
Congrats on your new weight: 296!

Mendham's Damien Woody tweeted his last tweet on June 23rd: Gotta take a twitter hiatus but know that I'm coming back better than ever!!! Y'all hold down the fort for me

This 36-year old father of 7, and two-time Super Bowl Champion is no stranger to competition, but it's usually on the playing field. After playing college ball at Boston College, this offensive lineman played for the New England Patriots, the Detroit Lions and and the New York Jets. He's also a commentator for ESPN.

This time around, he's competing on the popular NBC weigh loss show, The Biggest Challenge. He started at 388 pounds.
According to NBC, Damien's on the show "because he has lost friends he played with in the NFL far too young, and he doesn't want to be another statistic and former NFL player gone too soon due to weight-related issues."'

Damien Woody and his wife Nicole
Photos Courtesey of Facebook
Damien grew up in Virginia. He was born in Beaverdam Virgina. He married his high school sweetheart, Nicole.

As of press time, he is down to 367 pounds..

All your Jersey fans are wishing you luck Damien!

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