Saturday, April 8, 2023

Females in Entertainment: Meet Filmmaker Luz Cabrales - She Talks about her Hometown Children's Show "PAlette" Inspired by her Hometown in PA

SBTS: You are such a busy and creative woman! I love your short Sing To Me, and now  you have a new project, PAlette. Tell me about what you do.

Luz Cabrales: I am a producer, director, and film editor. I have worked on promotional spots, films, web series, and television shows for her local community in Scranton, PA. 

I have worked on multiple local projects such as PAlette: Exploring the Colors of Pennsylvania (2023), Scranton’s Championship Season Documentary (2022), Julie & The Dearly Departed Players Documentary (2020), and Sing To Me (2019)

 I also founded of Scranton Films and The Independent Film Creative Hub as an outlet for artists to collaborate on projects and find talent and resources that grow the filmmaking industry in the Scranton, PA area. 

SBTS: What message or effect do you want to convey in your work?
Luz Cabrales: As a Mexican-American artist, I want my audience to not only feel the impact of the art but participate in the essence of the art as a whole. I will always try to include all components of the arts in my works. I always try to enlighten with my art as well as entertain. Art is meaningful as well as fun. I always try to find those underrepresented or misrepresented stories and communities and use my artistic abilities to give them a spotlight to perform beneath. I will always, as an artist, use the world as my canvas.”

SBTS: Tell me about PAlette. I would want my kids to watch it!

Luz Cabrales: The show is called PAlette: Exploring the Colors of Pennsylvania and its a collaboration between myself, Julian Santos and Carissima Hodovanec. The show is a an art variety show with a combination of live action, animation and puppetry.The target demographic are children 4-12 and incorporates a teen host named Patty Pastel. The co- host is a puppet named Taffy Magenta and Artie. The show is geared toward children’s education and development; and the use of puppets and will only make it more enjoyable for all who watch. 

SBTS: I understand this was born during the pandemic.

Luz Cabrales: During this pandemic, I think people forgot that so much of small town life are the people who make it possible through their business and creations. The show brings renewed awareness to the arts, people and local businesses in the area and also educate and inspire children and pto become more active in the community. There is no better time to make art that will influence and uplift and will keep communities engaged in positive content. 

SBTS: What shows/programs/producers inspired you? 

Luz Cabrales: Some of the shows that have inspired me are Sesame Street, Elmo’s World, Reading Rainbow, Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and The Big Comfy Couch. 

SBTS: Tell me about the beauty of where you live. 

Luz Cabrales: What also makes this show special is the abundance of stories that a small town has to share. It is boundless in its tales of the community especially those that surround Scranton, PA. I am an advocate for the arts and strive to foster young talent to help them develop their professional skills and take them beyond what they can imagine is possible and this show has a local angle with a formula that can be utilized in any town, anywhere in the world. 

The concept of PAlette aims to explore the local art in each town, for example, PAlette can easily be called: PAlette: Exploring the Colors of New York, New Jersey, California, Pittsburg, Boston, Japan, Mexico… etc. The world of PAlette is an expandable idea with the heart and feel of my local community. What do you want to accomplish with this show? I will like for children and parents to watch this show and learn about all aspects of art as well as the artists and all the beautiful colors that surround their community. 

How do you think you can grow this show?

Luz Cabrales: I feel that PAlette’s world can be expanded with diverse storylines, fun characters and artists doing great things in the community. My plan is to reach kids everywhere through local stations, streaming and educational outlets. I also have plans to create merchandise such as Toys, Children Books, Interactive App Games, Musical Content and lots more!

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