Friday, August 11, 2017

Interview: Soap Star Natalia Livingston of General Hospital and Days of Our Lives Now Starring as Liza Park in Tainted Dreams and Owner of Her Own Business - Learn What Inspires Her

Natalia  Livington is an Emmy-award winning actress, producer and also a business owner. From her days in soaps as a member of the Quartermaine clan Emily Bowen Quartermaine on General Hospital to her time at Days of Our Lives as Taylor Walker, Natalia has also produced, acted in commercials and also film. In this interview she talks about her new role as Liza Park on the Emmy-nominated Tainted Dreams now streaming on Amazon, her new role as owner of the business in Atlanta and how her inspiration can be yours too. 

Suzee: Tell me about your character on TD, who do you play and what is that person all about. Second, are you anything like your character?
Natalia Livingston: I play Liza Park on TD. Liza leads with her heart. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. I think Liza is a lot like all of us. She’s a good person at heart who sometimes makes bad decisions in love. 
Suzee:  Since this is the behind-the-scenes stories of a soap, tell me about something that made you smile behind the camera.
Natalia Livingston: I’d say my time working with Maurice Benard - Sonny - was all of the above. Definitely memorable and so funny. I really enjoyed working with him and love him dearly. He’s a great man. 
Suzee: How do you know Sonia and why did you say yes to this part? 
Natalia Livingston: Sonia contacted me when I was living in NYC working as a producer for Nat Geo. I had always wanted to work with the actors she mentioned - Alicia Minshew and Grant Alexander. I’ve enjoyed every second of getting to know and work with Sonia. She’s such a beautiful example of a strong and kind woman. It takes a lot to build a show from the ground up. You wear many hats and constantly break barriers to get your vision made. Persistence is key. I’m really looking forward to celebrating Sonia’s Emmy nomination with her in LA. She so deserves it! 
Emmy Winner Natalia Livingston o the Red Carpet at the 2017  Creative Daytime Emmys
                                                                                                                                                  Photo Suzanne Ordas Curry

          Suzee:  Any advice for an inspiring actor? 
Natalia Livingston: Start thinking of another way to make money while you pursue your love for acting. If you have the opportunity to go to college, go. Create a solid educational foundation for your life. Or start your own business. Something that gives you autonomy. I know it sounds easier than it is but it’s possible. Be creative. Think outside the box.

"What do people need and how can you deliver something valuable to them? That’s what I’ve done with my business Actor Boutique. It’s allowed me to pursue my love for acting for the long run. I make my own schedule and can leave for acting jobs whenever they come up. I’d also tell them to focus on class. Learn the craft of acting. Fall in love with the process. Be the very best actor you can be. That’s what you have control over."

 "Learning is life-long. It doesn’t stop after a conservatory or theater program. And, I would tell them to relax a bit. Life is short or long. However you choose to look at it, there’s really no need to obsess over each opportunity that comes your way. Just trust in your efforts and in the goodness of people. What will be will be. Don’t be afraid to leave the business for a while. Travel. Do something completely different. Change things up. Leap without knowing what’s below. It’s ok. You’ll grow in ways you never thought possible. If something isn’t working, do something different. Focus on your personal life. Life shouldn’t be about work alone. Be kind, always. And, root for your friends in the business. Spread love and be good natured. I know I’m sounding like a Hallmark card at this point but it’s truly what has helped me." 

Suzee: What actors/actresses or others influenced you when you were young and who do you respect or try to emulate now?
Natalia Livingston: Growing up, I would watch Hollywood classics with my grandmother. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Leslie Caron were my favorites. I admired their grace and elegance. They seemed wholesome and pure in some way and I liked that. Later in life, I admired the theater professors at Emory. They taught classes and performed in play after play. Some still do. 
Suzee:  What are some of the most important lessons you learned in life?
Natalia Livingston: I learned most of my life lessons from my beautiful parents, James and Martha Livingston. My mom taught me to love the arts. She instilled me with a respect for great works of literature, art, music, theater. She showed me what it looks like to be joyful and motivated in your work as an artist. Her happiest years were when she was painting. My dad taught me to march to the beat of my own drum. He does that in his own life. They both taught me to persevere. To fall and get right back up again. They also taught me to have a sense of humor. It’s ok to be silly. Poke fun at yourself and others. Lighten up a bit. My husband Matt taught be what real love looks like. He taught me what it’s like to have a healthy relationship and how wonderful that can be. He taught me how it feels to be yourself in a relationship and how to feel safe and adored. 

                  Suzee:  Name some of your fave movies. 

        Natalia Livingston: Cinema Paradiso, Gigi, Roman Holiday, The Swan, Schindler’s List. 
Suzee:  What are you up to now, besides Tainted Dreams? 
Natalia Livingston: I’d love for actors especially in Atlanta to check out my business Actor Boutique - One of my passions is helping other actors succeed. There is so much going on in Atlanta right now in TV and film. 

Natalia and Tainted Dreams Creator Sonia Blangiardo
                   Suzee: Idea for a Perfect Day
Natalia Livingston: Sleep in, walk the streets of Florence hand in hand with my sweet husband, get a cappuccino, go to a fancy dinner with wine and dear friends, cuddle with my little Yorkies, and give my parents a hug. 
Suzee:  What do fans ask you? 
Natalia Livingston: We want Emily back. That’s not crazy, though. I’d like that too and think it’s possible. The writers can find a way. It’s soaps!  
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