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Review and Recap of Jane The Virgin on the CW: This Girl is Resilient and Makes for Empowering, Engaging and Must-Binge TV

By Kelly Cronin

Jane The Virgin, the CW's award-winning drama about Jane Villanueva as she navigates becoming an adult while also becoming a mother, will be going into its fourth season this coming October. The series recently wrapped up the third season, which brought many changes to Jane’s life as well as the death of her husband, Michael mid-season. Jane’s resilience is quite admirable in her time of grief and it is clear she inherited her strength from the women who raised her: Alba, her grandmother and Xiomara, her mother. Throughout the course of the series, Jane and her motherly figures have disagreed and argued, but ultimately they are the ones who taught her how to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Michael’s sudden death leaves Jane devastated, but she finds strength to move forward, even if for the sake of her son, Mateo. The show picks up three years after Michael’s death, where Jane’s career as an author is about to take off and Mateo is a four-year old about to enter pre-school. We find Jane as a single mother working towards her dream of becoming a writer and publishing her first novel.

Their love story had been interrupted by many things, including the unexpected conception of her son, a breakup, and a murderous criminal. Jane had lost Michael before, and with the support from Xiomara and Alba, she was able to carry on with her life. Alba lost her husband at a young age and it can be seen that she is still grieving, all those years later. She teaches Jane that the pain caused by the loss of one’s husband never fully fades, but as time goes on, it gets a little better and one can find joy in life again. Whenever something triggers a memory of Michael and Jane breaks down, her grandmother is the first one to come to her side and provide comfort.

With the help of Xiomara, Jane continues with her life as a twenty-something widow and works towards becoming a successful writer. A lesson that she learned from Xiomara; choosing to have a career while also being a mother. While Jane was growing up, Xiomara pursued her dreams of becoming a singer and always encouraged Jane to do the same. Xiomara and Rogelio, Jane’s father, have had an on/off relationship since they were teenagers and even as adults. However, during the time which Xiomara and Rogelio were not together, she found happiness elsewhere and in other relationships.

During the second half of the season, three years after Michael’s death, Xiomara encourages Jane to try dating again where she finds romance with a man named Fabian. While their love did not last very long, Jane realized that she could be with another man after the death of her husband. Alba found love again later in her life and Xiomara found it more than once. The influences of Jane’s mother and grandmother are apparent in every aspect of her life, in the experiences and the way she handles them. Elements of Jane’s life closely mirror those of the women who raised her and with their guidance, she is able to find happiness and joy in her life again. Next year, the show will feature a new love interest for Jane, who also happens to be someone from her past

Jane The Virgin scores a 9 on the Woman-O-Meter as the show oozes female empowerment from every angle. The show was created, written and directed by a woman (Jennie Synder Urman) and stars a woman (Gina Rodriguez). It deals with a variety of issues including immigration, working mothers, and life after the death of a spouse.

I think that Jane is so relatable because she is a modern woman seeking happiness from all aspects of her life whether it be family, romance, friendship or career. For myself and my friends (who religiously keep up with this show), Jane is a more accurate depiction of a young woman in the 21st century, without the whole accidental artificial insemination thing. I love this character because she’s smart, funny, beautiful and a great role model for any young girl or woman. Audiences can also debate over the best love interest for Jane (Team Michael or Team Rafael?), and that is always fun.

I recommend to anyone who is looking to watch a well-written show which includes real-life issues with a great cast, lots of romance and comic relief. Catch up on the first three seasons on Netflix before season 4 airs next fall.

The fourth season of Jane the Virgin premieres in October 13th, 2017 on The CW.

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