Friday, January 19, 2024

Feel Good Interview Series: Charlie Weber of "How to Get Away with Murder" and "The Painter" - 9 Things to Know About Him

By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist
Charlie Weber is actor and former model. In 2014, Weber starred as Frank Delfino in the ABC legal drama series "How to Get Away with Murder" opposite Oscar winner Viola Davis. Most recently, he starred in the new film "The Painter" alongside Madison Bailey and Academy Award winner Jon Voight.  Weber shared nine interesting and exciting things about himself.
Charlie Weber's Favorite Movies 
His favorite movies include Pulp Fiction, True Romance (which Quentin Tarantino wrote), A History of Violence, Network, and Goodfellas. “Quentin Terentino really changed my perception of movies and made me become an actor when I was younger.”  
“I love the world that Quentin Terentino created, and the world that Martin Scorsese plays in. That really made me want to become an actor,” he acknowledged. 
“I also love The Killing of a Chinese Bookie by John Cassavetes,” he added. 
His Favorite series to Binge-watch 
His favorite series to binge are Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, The Wire, and The Sopranos. “Arrested Development makes me feel nice and happy,” he said. “I also find so much humor in how brilliant ‘The Sopranos’ is. It is just so good and layered.” 
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If Charlie Weber Could Have a Superpower......
“I love to travel,” he admitted. “It’s tempting to say ‘fly,’ which would be cool, but teleportation would just be phenomenal. Because of my love for travel, I would say teleportation.” 
Favorite Cheat Meal 
“I enjoy pasta,” he said. “A nice big Italian dinner! I do love a cheeseburger here and there, but sitting down in a nice restaurant with a big bowl of spaghetti Bolognese and a nice bottle of nice is a great cheat for me.” 
Charlie's Favorite Sports 
“I don’t play it anymore, but I do love to watch football. That’s a tough one to play as an adult.” “I played football, and I ran track,” he said. “I watch a lot of football and I do watch track.” 
His Favorite Mottos to Live By 
On his favorite mottos to live by, Weber said, “Try to lead with an open heart and an open mind.” “Be kind to those you meet for they are fighting a great battle,” he said. 
Did He Have an Alternate Career Choice? 
Regarding his alternate career choice, he said with a sweet laugh, “I never had one. I had no Plan B.” 
Dream Acting Partners 
On his dream acting partners, he responded, “That list is so endless, I wouldn’t know where to star.” 
Charlie Weber's Favorite Music 
“My taste is all over the place. I like things that are pretty chill with an alternative, singer-songwriter vibe.” “Today, at the gym, I was listening to Arctic Monkeys and MGMT,” he said. 
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Photo Courtesy of Paramount Movies.