Saturday, November 18, 2023

Movie Written by a Priest: Trinity's Triumph Starring Joe Morton, Young Mazino About Three Men Entering the Seminary Now Available Online Free on TUBI, Roku, Rent on Amazon, Google & More

The feature-length film Trinity's Triumph is now available to stream online.
As of December 15th it is available to watch free on Tubi and Roku.

Unique to the film is that it was written by a Catholic priest, Father Stephen Fichter - and though it is fiction reflects his experiences through engaging characters. It is the story of three young men who enter the seminary guided by the wise and lovable mentor, Monsignor Heck (played by Joe Morton of Scandal). What begins as a single mission becomes divided, and each seminarian must decide what God is asking of them. They struggle individually and must be true to their calling with the help of Monsignor Heck’s influence. For information visit:
In addition to Emmy-award winning and NAACP award winner Joe Morton, the film also stars Young Mazino (HBO's Beef), Joshua Wills (Blue Bloods), Adriel Irizzary (Other People's Lives), Narci Regina (Harlan Corben's Shelter) and Melissa Bolona (Feliz NaviDAD).

Trinity's Triumph  is also available on Amazon 's Prime, Apple, Vudu, Google, Microsoft, Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish, Fios, several cable carriers and more. It is $4.99 to rent and $12.99 to purchase. It is being distributed by Quiver.

Writer/Creator Father Stephen Fichter states, "Trinity’s Triumph is a modern behind-the-scenes look at life in the priesthood. Often, people only interact with a priest at a baptism, wedding, or funeral. They might see them in town, at a restaurant, or visiting someone in the hospital. For the most part, priests are part of the everyday landscape, but generally not very known well as individuals. Priests have their struggles just like everyone else." 

Joe Morton States, "Trinity’s Triumph is the trial and tribulations of three young men, close friends, who struggle through dedication, celibacy, and self-worth, in pursuit of the priesthood, shepherd by an older priest, who steadfastly remains their teacher, mentor, inspiration, and confidant, unconditionally. Trinity’s Triumph is a sojourn of love."


The film was written by Father Stephen Fichter (who is currently a priest in NJ) Kathe Carson and Michael Wickman. It is directed by Michael J. Wickham.

Producers are Tiziano Tucci, Damiano Tucci, Stephen J. Fichter, Kathe Carson and Thomas H. Hanna. Executive Producer is Mickey Gooch.

To watch the movie or for more info see the website HERE for more information.

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