Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Barbie the Movie is Now Available to Rent on Herflix, The Streaming Platform Devoted to Supported Female Filmmakers: No Subscription Required to Watch

If you weren't one of the millions of people who went to see the record-breaking movie Barbie by Greta Gerwig, you now have a chance to watch it at home.

A great place to view it is Herflix. Herflix is a streaming platform that supports female filmmakers. There is NO subscription, you can watch it on any device and you only pay per movie. Then you have 72 hours to watch it. You can rent Barbie on Herflix here: https://my.herflix.com/#

Herflix is a unique streaming platform that focuses on films for, about & by women. Every time you watch a film, rental or free, you help support women filmmakers worldwide while creating a fantastic, inclusive women’s media community.  
Looking for women directors? Check out Greta Gerwig's films and others in SHE DIRECTS section on Herflix.

If you've never watched a movie on Herflix, here are some common questions:

Do I have to subscribe in order to watch a movie?

Herflix is her online theater for curated movies & entertainment for, by & about women. We stream Hollywood hit movies, famous women movies, Film Festival Winners, and documentaries and shorts from women around the world.
No Subscriptions. Films on Herflix are either for Rent -so you pay only for what you watch – or Sponsored & Free on the WIFTI Channel.
Why should I rent a movie on Herflix?

Every movie on Herflix has been hand-picked by our curators, so we hope you can find one for your mood or inspiration. And every time you watch a film on Herflix, you help us support women filmmakers all over the world.

How much time do I have to watch the movie?

You have a 72-hour window to enjoy your choice.

Are there any free movies I can watch?

Yes. There are sponsored films that you can enjoy for free. You would only need create an account by registering. Look for the Sponsored sign or go to the WIFTI Channel.

It’s ALL about HER

Herflix, the unique streaming platform for, about & by women, is premiering Barbie, the global box office hit directed by Greta Gerwig.

Watch Now

Barbie is Now Playing, as well as other great Greta Gerwig films.  Looking for other women directors? Check our SHE DIRECTS section.

You can enjoy the Herflix experience in web, mobile and connected TV’s (ROKU & AppleTV).

Remember that every time you watch a film on Herflix, rental or free, you help us support women filmmakers worldwide. Join Us.


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