Friday, February 10, 2017

Obsessed with La La Land: Top Five Fan Videos You Will Want to See

                                                                                                                                                                            By Suzanne Ordas Curry
If you're like me and you love La La Land, you want more. There's several good videos on Youtube that will put a smile on your face and satiate that need for more music and details about the movie. After foraging through Youtube, here's my Top 5 La La Land videos you might want to see. I am not including those made as a promotion for the movie. Those are great too but these are just fan videos.

#1 All time Favorite: Somewhere in the Crowd by Atawat Paurueng

Why: The first time I watched it, like everyone else,I noticed scenes that were not in the movie. Little disappointed to see they were not outtakes, but they were from another video.

Then, if you want to know where those scenes came from, watch this one: Anna by Arcade Fire. Emma is wonderful in this, and as they say, "it's got a catchy beat and you can dance to it."
Here's Anna written by Will Butler of Arcade Fire

#2. La La Land Goes to the Big Apple by Katie Oxman and Joel Chambers

Why: There are a few re-creations, most well done, of "Lovely Night" but I like this one because it's done in NYC.

#3 Movie References by Sara Preciado

Why: This is a well-done video that shows the possible influences Damien Chazelle got his inspiration from, side by side. It will make you want to see some of the other films.

#4. Easter Eggs by Alicia Malone

Why: This lady sure  knows her vintage movie trivia. It is a little long but goes through the details of the sets and set design as well as talking about inspirations for many of the scenes.

#5 The Music by Maria Del Aguila

Why: There are a lot of people playing the lovely music of La La Land. I downloaded the sheet music for the piano myself and spent one afternoon playing until I got it right.  Here's one that's really well done, what I like is the selection of the two instruments used which are simple but give an amazing depth to the sound.

Honorable Mention: Violin Medley by Joanna Chung

Why: This woman is so talented that some of the renditions brought tears to me eyes. The use of the violin for the typically piano pieces in the movie well as for the jazz songs shows how the music will become a classic because it sounds good on any instrument.

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