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Interview: Meet Sue Kinkead, Project Runway Producer - Go Behind the Scenes Of this Hit TV Show Where "There Is No Typical Day."
Sue Kinkead is working at her dream job. This Project Runway producer works in the fashion world, on the cutting edge of what's new, and also in television. For those of you looking for a career like this, read on to see how she went from sitting in front of a television set watching MTV to behind-the-scenes at the hottest fashion show of the millenium. And get a glimpse of what a day at Project Runway is really like. 


Careers in Entertainment: Television Writer/Producer Lisa Melamed

Hey Dude Celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past June
at the ATX Festival in Austin. Pictured: Lisa Melamed (second from left)\
is flanked by cast members Chistine Taylor, Jonathan Galkin and
David Lascher.                                             Photo Courtesy Lisa Melamed
      Ever wonder how a TV writer gets to be a writer? Does it take education, talent and luck, or all of these? Read on as I interview Lisa Melamed, whose resume as a television writer and producer spans not just several decades but a plethora of popular shows we've all probably watched.

I met Lisa on a shoot in LA recently for a new show and she was kind enough to let me probe her mind to satisfy my curiosity. Find out how she made it and what any aspiring writer still needs to do.

Suzee:  You have worked on so many popular shows, I don't know where to start. So I will ask you,  how did you get started? Tell me about your road to Hollywood from Brooklyn.

Writer/Producer Lisa Melamed has worked
on Hey Dude! Sisters, The 4400 and many more.
Lisa: I got a B.A. in Television and Radio from Brooklyn College (City University of New York) in 1979.  Soon after that I was hired at Scholastic Productions in New York City, which is the t.v. and film division of Scholastic publishing.  The job was to develop shows and movies from Scholastic’s vast library of children’s and young adult books, and also to come up with original ideas.  I started as an assistant and moved up the ranks during the seven years I worked there.  We produced a number of Afterschool Specials, and the series Charles In Charge came out of Scholastic.

At that point I wasn’t writing scripts so much as midwifing them, but I was getting a really good education because I was constantly reading scripts, giving notes, getting notes, etc..  Eventually I became brave enough to start writing some sample scripts and sending them out.  My first two t.v. samples were  a Murphy Brown spec (a spec script is when you take an existing series and come up with an original story using the show’s characters and format) and also a pilot called “Grace Under Pressure” about an overnight radio d.j..  Neither of those was ever filmed but they demonstrated that I could put a story on its feet and write good dialogue.

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Careers in Entertainment:  NYC Playwright Michael Block Interview

 Michael Block
Jersey's Michael Block is one of the NYC area's up and coming playwrights. As part of  this site's new "Careers in Entertainment" page we interview Michael to find out the answer to "So You Want to be a Playwright?"
Read on about his latest stage production Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails, how he got started, and how he'll keep trying to get on Big Brother.

SuzeeFirst, tell me about your latest project.

The Cast of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails                                                             All photos by Molly O'Keefe
Michael Block: My play Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails is a hilariously outrageous and offensive comedy about a fictional beauty pageant called America’s Goddess and the zany characters that inhabit this year’s event. It’s currently playing at Theater for the New City as part of the Dream Up Festival. It’s been an incredible journey to work with an amazing cast and crew to bring this play to life. I’ve had my work done before this is truly the first full scale production and it’s been a dream come true.


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