MTV Beach House Back at the Jersey Shore: Episode Films in Long Beach Island 
MTV is coming to the Jersey shore, but this time, it's not the teeny-bopper - high school seaside town of Seaside. Rather, it's the grown up, upscale island of Long Beach Island in the million-dollar mansion area of Loveladies. The show, MTV Beach House, is not about booze and beach babes but claims to be a performance-based reality show. Read:

Jersey Shore's Nicole Polizzi Returns to Where it All Began with New FYI Channel Show Nicole and Jionni's Jersey Shore Flip

Three years after Sandy there are still, sadly, Sandy houses along the Jersey Shore, houses that look like they may be used during the summer or lived in until you look closer, and you notice the blinds have not moved in years and the windows are really dirty. 

Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, along with her husband Jionni, are taking a few of these on as projects in their new show, Nicole and Jionni's Shore Flip.

Hoping to capitalize on the mesmerizing and successful trend of home  makeovers shows, they're taking on the challenge as a husband and wife team.

"His dream was to flip houses,"  Nicole told NY Live, "and we fell in love with it. "It makes sense to do it down the shore because Sandy hit. It's a good purpose. We're helping our friends." Click here to continue reading:

New Jersey's Caroline Byrne To Appear on Fox's American Idol: The Farewell Season

Caroline Byrne will be appearing on   American Idol Wednesday, January 13, 2016 on the Fox Network. She will be appearing on the episode about the Philadelphia auditions. Caroline is a singer/artist working on an album and has just released the song "Alive", which can be found at  

This 26 year-old Bergen County native grew up in Waldwick, attended IHA and Ramapo College. She now lives in Ridgewood. She is the oldest of four. She has been singing since she was very little, though she says she did not become comfortable with singing in front of other people until she was in college. Caroline says she likes to touch people with her music and make them "feel something." 
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Jersey's Jax Just Keeps Moving Along on American Idol: The Dress, Bon Jovi, What will this Jersey Girl Do Next?

East Brunswick's 18 year-old incredibly talented musician Jax delivered another consistent performance on American Idol as part of the Top 9 this week.

With reviews from the judges such as "intrigue kept you here" and "the tone of your voice is so great, that's what I like about you" this JerseyGirl who looked a bit like Debra Harry on 80's night will see if she moves on soon enough.Though all performances and performances have their nuances, Jax has demonstrated she belongs where she is. Jax commented back to them, "There's so much inside of me that I want to let out". To read full article click here:

Jersey's Duchess Kimberly aka Ashley I Off #TheBachelor and on Talk Show Route

Wayne NJ's beautiful Bachelorette Ashley Iaconetti was left high and dry - literally- standing in the middle of the dessert on the 2/9 episode of ABC's highly successful THE BACHELOR. This episode was the highest- rated episode so far this season, rising 8% from last week making it the number one show in two key female demographics for the time slot.

In the episode "Ashley I" was on the two on one date. For those not familiar with #TheBachelor, this really means that the bachelor is supposed to give out one rose only leaving the other girl hysterically crying on the way out the door.

But, in the most dramatic two on one date ever - yes we all know the lingo now Chris- he left both girls, literally,in the dust. For full story click here: 

Cake Boss Opens New Bakery in Morristown NJ

Reality Star Baker and Entrepreneur Buddy Valastro is expanding once again. I've been to the Hoboken store, stood on line, and saw the show being taped there. It was a tourist attraction and worth the trip. I have not yet gotten to his Ridgewood location which opened about a year ago and now there's another to try, in Morristown. Here's the details on his new store:

Carly Blaney- So You Think You Can Dance, Huh?: Jersey Girl Hits the Top Twenty on Popular Fox Show and Voting Opens Soon

Dancer Carly Blaney            Photo courtesy Facebook
Carly Blaney of Wyckoff NJ really can dance! This Jersey girl is strutting her stuff on Fox's immensely popular dance competition, So You Think You Can DanceCarly made it to to the Top Twenty, no surprise for this dance champion, and will be entering the live competition starting tonight on Fox 5 here in the New York area. 

Carly, age 20, grew up in Wyckoff, NJ. She trained at Studio L in Waldwick.  She is currently a student at Arizona State University where she is a member of the Sun Devil Cheering Squad.

Voting is online. Here is the link:
Editor Update: Though Carly did not win, we thank her for representing Jersey well!

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Almost TMI on Chloe from Dance Moms

Are you a Dance Moms fanatic? Want to know more about the life of Chloe, her dreams, her life, what she wants to do when she grows up? Then read on...

I recently took my over-the-top Dance Moms fan niece Amber who is a dancer herself to a Meet and Greet with Chloe and Christie. This was my first foray into the world of the reality show Dance Moms as well as real Dance moms. The event was perfect for a young girl, tween or teen. Chloe spent almost an hour going around the room and answering everyone’s questions until pretty much there was nothing left to ask. Never TMI to my niece, though.

If you love the show and Chloe, here’s a sample of some of the information you would walk away with if you went to a Meet and Greet.

Q:  What are your favorite subjects?

A:  Home Economics, Language Arts and Math. I like to read.      (Note: Chloe is starting a book club.)

Q: What do you do when you are not filming?

 A. Schooling, homework and hanging out with friends.

Q: What do you like to do besides dancing?

A: I like to swim, go horseback riding and I want to play basketball.

Dance Aunt: Review of a Meet and Greet with Dance Moms Cast Members Chloe and Christie

Christie and Daughter Chloe           Photo by Suzanne Curry
I have two sons. My sister has two girls. She gets to experience the thrill of 3 hour baseball games through me and I get to go to dance recitals.
Throughout the past summer, every time I was with my 12 year-old niece Amber, I would hear about Dance Moms. I wouldn’t just hear about the people on the show or how great it was but the geographic location of the girls in the show as well. Thank you Twitter. For instance, we went to see the Radio City Christmas Show in November. Did you know that two of the dancers were in  NYC the day before?  Very important information for a tween Dance Mom fan whose eyes were the on the lookout for them amidst the hundreds of people on the sidewalks of NYC perchance they hadn’t left yet.

So when I asked my niece what she wanted for Christmas, she politely and very neatly wrote down for me on the paper that I handed her the name of  the website where I could go to purchase tickets for a Meet and Greet for the dancers on the show. Then she listed all the people she would like to see. It took up most of the space on the piece of paper.
Click here for more of the article and photos:

Suzee Goes Behind the Scenes: The Big Bang Theory Meets Reality in Discovery Channel's Big Brain Theory

A Behind-The-Scenes shot of the cast of the Big Brain Theory-Pure Genius

Did you ever wonder what it was like to get on or be on a reality show? Suzee goes Behind the Scenes with Eric Whitman of Discovery Channel's "The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius" who gives us a vivid picture of what it was like to "live" on a reality show!

Eric Whitman - The Big Brain TheoryMany thanks go out to Eric for this interview and his time. Eric is as near to a real Big Bang Theory cast member as you may find though he may not appreciate the analogy. Eric is a is graduate of Princeton University who studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He is currently in the Ph.D. program at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute specializing in bipedal walking.

If you didn't catch "The Big Brain Theory" while it was on, find it! The premise of the show was that a cast of very, very, intelligent individuals trained in engineering, science, physics and all those subjects that were the hardest in high school (for most people anyway) were challlenged to build structures and devices that would meet certain seemingly unattainable goals that made you wonder, "How the heck are they gonna do that?" There was a lot of blowing up things, robots, races and welding goin' on! I have to say, every project looked complicated, but read on, and you'll see if Eric thought so too.
SBTS: How did you get on the show? How did they find you? Did they seek you out personally (as some people for reality shows now are) or did you answer an ad?
I saw a link to the casting call on an internet forum associated with FIRST robotics, a high school robotics competition that I'm involved in as a mentor for a local team.

SBTS: What was the interview process like?
The casting call asked for some basic information and a paragraph about why I would be good.  I also made a video because it seemed like a good idea.  First they called me asking for a video.  I reminded them that I already sent them one, but they had a few specific things they wanted, so I made a longer version including them.  Then there was a round or two of phone interviews. Eventually they flew us out to LA for an in-person interview. 

SBTS: How did you work the filming into your school/work schedule? Did you get paid? Do they pay for everything while you are there? 
I was a grad student finished with classes, so my schedule was pretty amorphous.  I simply took a leave of absence (unpaid).   My adviser was very supportive and excited about the whole thing.  I was paid a small stipend (plus room and board, obviously, since I was locked into the cast house) by the production company - actually a bit more than the student stipend I was giving up.  The real cost was that it pushed back my graduation (and therefore real-job-salary) several months.
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Celebrity Event: Perez, Patti and Poppin Tags

Perez Hilton and Chistina Milan
Milionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger
I love that song by Macklemore, okay some of the words are not quite presentable, but the beat is great is to dance to, and that's just what people were doing at the Viva Diva Wines Poolside Summer Bash with VIP Host Perez Hilton at NoMa Social in New Rochelle, NY.

This was a great celebrity event, as far as events go, not so much because of the celebrities that were there but because of the ability to mingle with them. There was one roped off area, visible to all in the cozy but chic NoMa Social main lounge, but really the celebrities were  interspersed within the crowd in the lounge area, the step and repeat area and poolside and they were eager to talk and pose for photos. Only Perez, adorning a shirt with a not-very complementary photo of Amanda Bynes on it (which could have easily been mistaken as one of Lindsay Lohan) and Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) were guided through the areas, but even even they took the time to pose for photos when asked. 

Being in a rather out-of-the-way place for celebrity events, the occasion did bring out several  well-known faces and many up and coming stars, mostly from reality shows. However, the words "Who is that?" could often be heard in the crowd,. Even though I had prepped myself on who was going to be there I still had to ask. It is very hard to keep up with all the reality shows! Among those gracing the step and repeat were Christina Milian, Jonathan Cheban (E! Network), Amanda Bertoncini (Bravo), many from the cast of Big Rich Atlanta, Carla Facciolo (VH1), Brittany Smooch, recording artist and Tracy Di Marco (Style Network). 

I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the cast of Big Rich Atlanta. (see interview on Interviews Page)

Long Island Princess
The event was put on by Illumination PR of NY.  I have to say the wine was flowing although one had to search out the food, but that is  expected at an event like this. I also have to say that the wine was quite good. A friend of mine commented that the sparkling Moscato strawberry version was "a lot like fruit punch". It was but in a good way, sweet, fruity, almost like a wine cooler but less sweet. I would recommend it, especially at a summer party. 
Ladies of Big, Rich Atlanta
To learn more about upcoming celebrity events in this area, follow this blog.

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