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Tainted Dreams, The Emmy-Nominated Soap Series on Amazon by Sonia Blangiardo Premieres Season 2 December 2017: Alicia Minshew, Austin Peck, Michael Lowry, Jessie Godderz, RHONJ Dina Manzo, Anthony Wilkinson Star Along With Iconic Soap Cast 
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Amazon Comedy Series The Other F Word To Premiere Season 2 in NJ in Ridgewood, Caytha Jentis' Show Stars Steve Guttenberg, Judy Gold, Gilbert Gottfried, Alysia Reiner and More 
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Tainted Dreams Comes to the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival, Cast and More on Red Carpet include Austin Peck, Tonja Walker, Terri Conn, Erik Ransom
(Press Release) Coming to the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival on Wednesday, April 26th is the soap within a soap, Sonia Blangiardo's Tainted Dreams This immensely popular Amazon Series will be shown at 7:10 pm at the Ridgewood Bowtie Cinema, 190 Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ (half hour from NYC) as part of the growing festival. One episode will be shown and there will be a Q and A with the actors immediately following. Read: http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2017/04/eventtainted-dreams-comes-to-ridgewood.html

Amazon Horror Series Changelings by Vincent Veloso Releases New Episodes
New York, NY- Changelings, a unique horror series on Amazon Prime is set to release new episodes of Season 2 in the month of June 2017. The next episode of Season Two, called “Forlorn Lauren”, is now available on Amazon. It can be viewed here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJFGK5W
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Exclusive Photos: See Tainted Dreams At the 2017 Emmy Awards Tainted Dreams went to the 2017 Emmy Awards  in sunny Pasadena, California. Tainted Dreams received 5 Emmy Nominations in the Digital Programming category which were given out at the Creative Emmy Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 30th.

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Review of Winterthorne: Wonderfully Wicked and Entertaining: A Web Series To Watch

Winterthorne - Watch it.

Like most people of my generation, (I am not a millenial) I am not used to watching web series. I'am a soap gal. And a TV gal. 

But I am being enticed to the Internet because of all the soap people populating these shows.

Knowing some of the people involved in a new four part series, Winterthorne, I decided to give it a look.

Winterthorne is produced by Michael and Barbara Caruso Productions and written by Michael. Michael is a web series pioneer, known for DeVanity. Starring in this four-part mini series with Michael are Martha Madison (DOOL), Lindy Gray (Dallas), Kristen Storms (GH) Gordon Thompson (Dynasty), Kathleen Gati (GH), Josh Thrower (Seeing Past It), John Paul Lavoisier (OLTL), Kevin Spirtas (DOOL, OLTL), Ron Hanks (Golden California) and Conrad Bluth (Nickelodeon). For rest of article click here:

INTERVIEW: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Soap That Goes Behind the Scenes of a Soap, "Tainted Dreams"

 Soap opera actors, producers and directors have been at the forefront of the movement and transition towards online programming. Securing investors, casting, lower-budget shooting and building audiences have become the new way of production. This new method breeds creativity and innovation because old boundaries are removed. The next challenge is finding the right platform, possibly sponsors, and an audience amidst the clutter of internet, streaming and traditional TV programming.

The latest entry into this genre is Tainted Dreams, a soap within a soap, produced by Emmy-award winning director/producer Sonia Blangiardo, who worked on As The World TurnsAll My Children and One Life To Live. Tainted Dreams is the story of  the behind the scenes shenanigans behind a fictional soap, Painted Dreams. For all you soap fans, here's some trivia: Painted Dreams was actually the first daytime radio soap opera program, having been broadcast out of Chicago in 1930.
The cast is tremendous with a line-up of names any fan of daytime will recognize. I got a little melancholy just thinking about all these great dramas that are no more. 
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